The Remarkable Journey of Johnny Clem: From Drummer Boy to Major General

Nine-year-old John Lincoln "Johnny" Clem fled his Newark, Ohio, home in May 1861 to enlist in the Union Army. Still, the Army was reluctant to draft a small youngster. He was turned down by the 3rd Ohio Regiment [...]

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WTK Support the Rights and Safety of Jewish Students – Sign the Petition

We The Kids Support the Rights and Safety of Jewish Students Children Israel and American flag Why this petition matters Started by Kevin Fobbs The tragic Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023, which claimed the lives of [...]

By |April 27th, 2024|WTK Featured Stories|
Betty Blake: Trailblazing WASP Pilot & Aviation Pioneer

In aviation history, Betty Guild Blake was a trailblazer. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on October 20, 1920. At age 15, she took her first airplane flight, marking the beginning of her voyage into the skies. Betty's [...]

By |March 31st, 2024|WTK Featured Stories|
Red Skelton’s Wisdom: Decoding the Mystery of Marriage and Divorce

Richard "Red" Skelton, born on July 18, 1913, and passing away on September 17, 1997, left an indelible mark on American entertainment. Renowned as a versatile entertainer, Skelton's heyday spanned from 1937 to 1971, captivating audiences through his [...]

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Episode 02: WTK See Action News Interviewing Bob Walters

Embark on a thought-provoking adventure as WTK's teenagers team up with the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in an enlightening podcast series. Dedicated to upholding the ideals that make America great, CSPOA is a leading advocate [...]

By |March 7th, 2024|Podcasts, WTK Featured Stories, WTK See Action News|
Vivian C. “Millie” Bailey’s Legacy: WWII Veteran, Civil Servant & Fundraiser

Vivian C. “Millie” Bailey, was an American World War II veteran, civil servant, and volunteer. She was a fundraiser for education, health, and military service personnel. Bailey was one of the first African American officers in the Women's [...]

By |March 1st, 2024|US Veterans, WTK Featured Stories|
Why I Teach History and Why You Should Care

Historians are storytellers who, through captivating writing, construct narratives of the past using various sources, methodologies, and statistics. They don't merely dust off old archives and declare what happened from these. Historians have a dynamic job, for history [...]

By |January 31st, 2024|Daniel Sheridan, WTK Featured Stories|
The Jerry Russell Civil War Preservation Memorial Award – General Ulysses S. Grant

  General Grant, "I take a great deal of pride (with an equal dose of humility) to bring to your attention this award given me by the West Coast CWRT Conference in Fresno, CA, on November 4th, last. [...]

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WTK S1:E16 “What is the Forgotten Story of the Pilgrims’ SECOND Thanksgiving?”

(Chapter 11 page 151 of “Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution”) Click here to listen: Historian Arch Hunter & Author Lydia Nuttall talk about Forgotten American Stories & The WTK Liberty Player Kids, Daniel. Questions: Where [...]

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WTK Honors US Veterans

Dedicated to men and women, past and present, who have faithfully served in our United States Armed Forces and – their families – defending our freedoms as protected by the Constitutions of the United States of America.

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Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

We would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Lothian Skelton and Dr. William Mett of the Art Corporation of America for giving us permission to use Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance.

To enjoy more of Red Skelton’s legendary work, please visit RedSkelton.com


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