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Donations Are Crucial To Support Education-Focused Kids Organizations. These Organizations Aim To Provide Children With Quality Education, Which Is Fundamental For Their Development And Future Prospects. Here Are Some Reasons Why Donations Are Necessary In A Kids Organization For Education

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‘We The Kids’ is a registered 509(a)(2) Public Charity Education Foundation (EIN: 80-0941235).

We invite you to support We The Kids “To Return God To America’s Story.”

We are committed to educating families and their children about the principles upon which America was founded and our “Timeless Truths”.

We invite you and your family to join us today!


Robert Walters, President, Freight Management, CA

Anderson, Agostino, and Keller, AKA, IN

Liberty Sentinel Funds, VA

Dick Akerman AKA, CA

Sally Slaughter Memorial Fund, TX

Wayne Lindholm, President, Lindholm Management LLC, CA

JJ and Tracy Johnson, AL

Troup Group, IN

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Mc Donald, TX

Al and Susan Loch,, PA

Jeff Powell & Son, NC – NEED,

Susan Swift, CA

CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

Access To Resource

This Donations will Provide Kids Organizations With Resources, Including Books, Computers, And Other Learning Materials, Which Can Be Expensive To Acquire.

Funding For Programs

Donations Can Fund Various Educational Programs, Such As After-School Tutoring, Summer Camps, And Mentorship Programs, Which Can Greatly Benefit Children’s Learning And Development.

Expansion of Services

Donations Can Help Kids Organizations Expand Their Services, Reaching More Children In Need And Creating A Greater Impact.

Support for Low-Income Families

Donations Can Help Support Low-Income Families Who Cannot Afford Educational Resources And Programs For Their Children.

Bring GOD back to America’s Story through America’s Founders

  • Radio Show with WTK’s Liberty Players, Award winning two years back to back award-winning show for excellence from PAB (Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, Harrisburg, PA)
  • WTK Liberty Players, time travel and skits meeting History Mystery Guest from our past.
  • WTK Online homeschool program, based on author Lydia Nutall book’s “Forgotten American Stories” Celebrating America’s Constitution. We The Kids program can be used as part of civics curriculum and homeschool credit acknowledge by HSLDA
  • WTK See Action News journalist learning journalistic integrity. Kids who have been involved with We The Kids have made significant changes in their ability to speak publicly, to be confident, and learn history.  (WTK Kids Broadcasting Network)

Tax-deductible contributions to 509(a)(2) Public Charity Education Foundation.
(EIN: 80-0941235)

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Do you have a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle that you can donate to We The Kids? We accept vehicle donations now through CARS.

Follow this link to CARS. They make it easy to donate. Thank you for your support!

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We need to start voting with our dollars and ensure that our purchases are supporting companies that promote freedom.

Find out more, then join over 2 million monthly shoppers that have made the switch, and support We The Kids at the same time. Thank you for your support!

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We The Kids proudly endorses the Tuttle Twins –
“Children’s Books That Teach About Freedom”