WTK’s Collaboration with CSPOA

🔊 Podcast Series:
Embark on a thought-provoking adventure as WTK’s teenagers team up with the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) in an enlightening podcast series. Dedicated to upholding the ideals that make America great, CSPOA is a leading advocate for constitutional values. These stimulating discussions will provide you with knowledge, inspiration, and new perspectives.

🌐 Explore CSPOA’s World:
For additional information about constitutional advocacy, go to www.cspoa.org, the website of CSPOA. Discover the important work they accomplish in aiding peace officers and sheriffs who swear to protect and defend the Constitution.

Episode 01: WTK See Action News Interviewing Bob Walters

Episode 02: WTK See Action News Interviewing Bob Walters

Episode 03: WTK & CSPOA Meet Your Local Sheriff interview with Sam Bushman CEO of CSPOA

🎧 Tune In and Stay Informed:
Stay tuned for the latest episodes as WTK’s teenagers delve into discussions with CSPOA, unraveling the essence of constitutional principles. Empower yourself with knowledge, ignite your passion for history, and join the movement toward an informed and engaged youth.

Join us in this educational adventure, where curiosity meets constitutional wisdom!