Mr. Mourdock OUR PRIVATE Backstage

WTKKIRMInterview by WTK reporter Kate age 12.

Mr. Mourdock OUR PRIVATE Backstage INTERVIEW WITH The Man running for U.S. Senator

Politics is a complex subject. And everyone has different views on how we should run our country.

We caught some time with Mr. Mourdock after he went to a religious service at Nappanee Missionary Church in Nappanee, Indiana.  Well into his campaign, and pressed for time, Mr. Mourdock nevertheless Gave us thoughtful answers and undivided attention to our nonpartisan questions.  He is running for U.S. Senator representing Indiana. Our questions our written in this font, and Mr. Mourdock’s answers are written in this font.  This transcript remains unchanged to the actual interview.

Kate:  Who is your favorite American Hero?

Mr. Murdock:    Without question that would be Abraham Lincoln.  He was so unpredictable in the sense that if you had seen his resume before he became president, you would have never thought that this guy was capable of serving as president, let alone the possibility of becoming America’s greatest president.  He was there when the country literally came apart and yet he had the courage, the persistence, and the vision to keep bringing it back together.  And I think what impresses me the most, and I think there is a great lesson in this, President Lincoln never spent a day in his life in what you and I would consider a formal classroom.  He learned on his own, and yet he is the most quoted person to have ever spoken the English language.  He was just brilliant in his use of language and so inspirational in his speeches and letters.  He is an amazing, amazing American. He was a Hoosier, too.   He spent 14 years growing up in Indiana.  

Kate:  What aspects of the Constitution are most relevant to the issues of today?

Mr. Murdock:  Great question!  I would say what is most relevant is Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution {reporter’s note:  Article 1, Section 8 tells the powers of Congress} It talks about what the real purpose of Federal Government is meant to be.  It is very limited. Today, of course, I don’t think that our Founding Fathers would even recognize the American Government for what Article 1, section 8 defined it to be.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is certainly a different thing than our founders imagined. So I would put that #1 on the list.  I would put this as the #2 on the list, the entire definition of the Executive branch of government.  We were supposed to have three very equal branches, checks and balances, and certainly the Executive government has become more and more powerful.   

Kate:  What event in history most speaks to you and Does it have if any impact to your philosophy and behavior in present day?

Mr. Murdock: Well, I am a big student of American history.  35 years ago, I bestowed upon myself the goal of reading 10 pages of American history every night.  Haven’t done it every night, but I have certainly done it 90% of the nights, and I am fascinated by that Middle 19th century American history era from about 1840 to 1870. I always feel that anyone who wants to really learn what America is and who we are, should read or study about that time period, because that’s what really formed this nation, it formed us just as much as the American Revolution did.

Kate: What are the most positive things about America?

Mr. Murdock: Well, I hope it is our sense of optimism.  There are a lot of people that think that we have passed our peak, and we are kind of fading as a nation, but I don’t believe that at all. The reason I don’t believe that is because of my study of American history.  We have seen many times when it looked like, as Abraham Lincoln said, “That the bottom had fallen out of the bucket.”  That everything had gone wrong.  And yet, we kept coming back.  We came back after the American Civil War, we came back after the Great Depression, we came back after the very difficult struggles of the 1960’s of civil rights riots, and war riots. And we keep coming back.  And even though many people think we are kind of down and out right now, we can’t come back, I’m telling you we can and we will.

After the interview, we thanked Mr. Mourdock, and wished him well in November.  Mr. Mourdock then continued on the yellow brick road of campaigning

WE THE KIDS would like to thank  MR. MOURDOCK  for taking the time to talk to  Kate!

Thank you,  Cheryl Johnson N. E. Field Director for arranging the meeting!


 Ideas for thought

  1. Mr. Mourdock suggested as a challenge that WE the kids members to read 2 or 3 pages of History every day.  Would you accept the challenge?


  1. Pick an event in history Mr. Mourdock discussed with the We the kids team.  Research it and write a paragraph about the subject.


  1. Do some digging on the three branches of government.  Can you name each branch and what it does for our country?


  1. When Mr. Mourdock said, “…checks and balances,” what does that mean?


Submit your answers to the we the kids website.  And we will pick the best answers!



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  1. Jack Fultz September 3, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    It is so nice that Mr. Mourdock would devote the time to be interviewed by Kate. And I hope that he has maybe instilled a little desire to research America’s history in the group. Mr Mourdock did not talk down to Kate, but treated her respectfully as he would any adult interviewer. I will be happy to have him as one of my senators.

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