John Lyons “America’s Most Trusted Horseman”

hannahWritten by WTK Reporter, Hannah M, Age 15.

I got the privilege to talk to Mr. John Lyons through a phone interview. I learned a lot of interesting things about his life and I really enjoyed doing this interview.

John Lyons started his career in horse training in 1980. He knew he wanted to become a horse trainer when he watched another trainer train. He thought it was dangerous, and saw how much people wanted to learn. He thought he could teach people and help keep them safe. Phoenix, Arizona is where he grew up and went to school. His favorite history heroes are our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ because of their consistent guidelines and rules. He says that the bible is like a love letter from God, wanting to help us along. To become a horse trainer he had the mindset that he didn’t have to be the best in the world but just to help people who wanted to be helped.”Be honest, most important is to not have to be best just to start to help who wants help.”

John Lyons’ favorite speech in history, is Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. He thinks Abe Lincoln had great insight into what Americans should guard against, both then and today. Our forefathers came here to start a new nation with all the freedom man can avail to themselves.  These freedom or rights can be taken from citizens if not guarded against. Our country is a country of laws, not of men. Politicians should not make rules and regulations which take away the right of citizens or  favor one group over another. Today we see men controlling our every endeavor just to benefit themselves and their friends. We need to protect our rights and freedom and continue to fight for them as much today as our forefathers did when the country began.

John Lyons doesn’t work with horses every day. He used to when he did clinics; however now he spends a lot more time at home doing projects and other things. Horse training has taken him around the world and into the hearts of other people. He got the opportunity to really meet the hearts of people around the world. “Wherever you go people are as the way that you treat them.” Working with horses and other people is Mr. Lyons favorite part of being a horse trainer. His method on training horses is the same method as a school teacher. You have to establish a very clear definite goal so that you know where you’re going. He says to follow the rules in order and to start from an easy place. “The more steps you have the easier it is to reach your goal.”He says you have to follow Gods rules and treat the horses like he would want us to treat them. “I’m just a care taker of his horses.”

Mr. Lyons loves the constitution. He says the constitution is very important because it gives us guide lines on how this country was founded and what our rights are that are critical to our life and the type of life we are able to live. “The countries problem was that it was founded as a Christian nation and that the more we get away from that the worse we get.” He goes on to say that most of Psalms is asking God to help us.” We lost our relationship with God and started to follow our own rules and that causes problems. The people who wrote the constitution had come from being governed to the point of rebellion. They founded the constitution under Gods laws .The further we get away from that, and the more we separate God from our life and constitution the more lost we become. “

So I think this interview went very well! He was a very nice and respectable man. He talked with me for a long time. He was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. Listening to Mr. Lyons taught me many things. Now when I set goals I will make small steps to reach it. I’m going to stay by God’s guidelines. Once again it was Great to do this interview!

John-lyons-pic-1THANK YOU MR. & MRS. JOHN LYONS,

From all of us at We The Kids


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Hannah is 15 years old and is an A student. She has been both home schooled and publicly schooled, and is currently attending her local public high school. Hannah has 3 brothers who all play instruments and she  loves playing the guitar. Hannah loves to  spend time with friends, cook and babysit. She is involved in volleyball, running and swimming. We give Hannah a We The Kid’s Kid approval!

Please give Hannah a welcome. WTK’s  TN,  reporter.









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