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"Returning God
to America's Story"



As we gather to celebrate the birthdate of America’s independence from tyrannical rule, I hope you will sit down with your children and grandchildren and tell them what America means to you … why “one nation under God” is more than a simple childhood recitation and what “liberty and justice for all” means for future generations.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.”
                                                                          ~ Ronald Reagan 
It’s up to us to teach the next generation about the wonders of America.
I hope you have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July holiday!

Tricia Raymond Liberty Aloud

Judy Frazier & All Of We The Kids


1 thought on “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

  1. It’s silly and sentimental of me, but the Cape Cod Patriotic Flash Mob brought tears; because I still remember so many past Independence Days, exactly like that. Think “Boston Pops” (by the Charles River); think Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, and thoughts of my old high school band!! Oh, my – -the fun ones to watch were the Delta Flight Attendants, in Atlanta doing a neat song and dance routine and the DIA Flash Mob – -doing the Jitterbug, the Black Bottom, you-name-it and doing a great job of it, too! And some of the military proposals – -well, just watch them; it’ll do your heart so much good! Hope everyone had a safe and patriotic 4th of July!

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