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1906, 2022

The Founding Fathers’ Happy Father’s Day – by Marc Urbach

Published by Teacher and Author Marc UrbachJust a bunch of young to middle-aged, Christian men changed the world forever.  The Founding FathersHappy Father's Day!Why and how did they do this? What was their base, their foundation? I believe their strong belief in God, natural rights, and liberty enabled them to declare their independence from King George III. They not only inspired colonists to form militias and join the Continental Army, but they also inspired other peoples around the world. Thus the Founding Fathers changed history and the way people live. The Founding Fathers Matter!!For two thousand years of European history, people lived [...]

3101, 2022


Ever dreamed of being a "Pirate"? Well you've come to the right place! Our group is dedicated to portraying 'Historically Accurate' Privateers from the Golden Age of Piracy!! Learn the difference between pirates and privateers. Hawk and Wolfraven set the stage to teach the true meaning of privateer's ship and their importance in American History in the 1700's - 1800's. Please notice the first ship drawing - our Cabin Boy, Wyatt drew his picture in 1 1/2 hrs before filming! WE THE KIDS, INC WE THE KIDS, INC 509(a)(2) Public Charity Education Foundation. Federal ID # 80-0941235 Kids Broadcasting [...]

801, 2020

WTK S1:E8 “How Did YOUR Ancestors Achieve Success Here in America?“ Part 1”

Listen on Youtube: Historian Arch Hunter & Author Lydia Nuttall talk about Forgotten American Stories & The WTK Liberty Player Kids Questions: How did our early American ancestors use the American gift of Liberty to WORK and own land, get an education, live in peace, rise above poverty, etc? Who was Madame C.J. Walker?  What’s the forgotten American story about her? Who was Pfc. Herbert K. Pililaau? What do both people have in common?

1104, 2016

The GREATNESS of the republic of the United States of America

Published by WTK’s Constitutionalist, author and journalist Marc Alan Urbach. It seems like most of the news or a large part of it is negative news. “If it bleeds, it leads.”  But this is just the opposite of reality because here in America there is greatness every day. The republic of the United States of America is without a doubt the greatest country in the history of the world. What our citizens have accomplished in a little over 240 years is nothing short of a miracle. We have had the greatest entrepreneurs, the greatest inventors, the military, the greatest doctors, [...]

2610, 2015

General Grant to teach Civil War lesson’s January, 2016

After the first of the year, in 2016, lessons about the Civil War by General U. S. Grant will be available here on We The Kids. This video is a preview of Civil War information to come on We The Kids in my Civil War lessons. I am excited about being able to teach the War to an eager audience! I have the honor to remain, your most ob't and dedicat'd serv't, Ulysses S. Grant Lieutenant General U. S. Amies The lessons will run from 10 to 30 minutes and will address: People, Places, Battles/Campaigns, the Home [...]

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