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On October 5th, WTK met with Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, IN. We had asked to just have one kid interview the mayor but his representative, Matt, suggested to have a group of kids. I am very happy with the outcome of getting to meet  Mayor Buttigieg and I was very excited to see all the kids!! I wasn’t expecting that many people! I have wanted to Meet Mayor Pete since he ran for office, so of course when we started planning for this I was very excited! He seems like an amazing man and I was more than anxious to speak to him, the children and adults in the room. Having the meeting in his office was amazing. I was a little nervous speaking in front of everyone. It was the first time I had done something on that scale. Though that’s not much, it was still a bit for me. All in all everything was awesome!  Mayor Pete is an awesome guy and talking to him would not ever bore me. He’s smart and seems to know what he’s doing! Keep up the good work !!

Rachel Ann (15)


We The Kids

WTK kid’s questions


MayorPhotos DESTINY

MayorPhotos DESTINY

DESTINY, (10)  On Friday, October 5, 2012 I went to see the Mayor in South Bend, Indiana.

I asked him, “What is your favorite dessert?” .

Mayor Buttigieg answered, he said he likes ice cream, Blizzards, cake, and brownies. He said he did not like bubble gum ice cream. He asked what my favorite dessert was. I said , “Lemon cake!”

I enjoyed meeting Mayor Pete! He was friendly and nice. He answered everybody’s questions. Mayor Pete was born in South Bend at Memorial Hospital. He likes running. He loves the weather in South Bend. He said he likes his job because he gets to help make South Bend a better place to live. This trip was amazing!


We The KidsAbigail (16)  wanted to know.

“Do you have any control over where our money that is collected in “wheel tax” at the gas pumps is going since our roads are in such disrepair?”

Mayor Pete said, “We do not always have the money needed to be able to do repairs, especially as taxes remain relatively flat while the costs associated with repairs continue to rise, but we try to get the roads repaired every 7 years.

Thank you, Abigail

We The KidsAnnah’s  (5) Questions…

Where were you born Mayor Buttigieg?

Mayor Buttigieg’s answer was, “Yes, I was born in Memorial Hospital,” and he actually showed us out his office window.

I love the visit!  Thank you Mayor Buttigieg

We The KidsOn a rainy Friday afternoon the We the Kids Team went out to the County City Building in South Bend Indiana to interview Mayor Pete Buttigieg.All the children had wonderful questions as you can see.

My question stated, “What event in history most speaks to you and does it have any impact on your philosophy and behavior in present day?”

Mayor Buttigieg answered my question by saying, “The Civil War, because it split apart families and it was brother against brother.”

I think there is a lesson in that. It shows what would happen if we don’t find a better way to solve our problems, and maybe our problems today aren’t as bad as we think.

Mayor Buttigieg was very gracious and generous for giving us his time and we thank him for what he has done for

WTK. KATE: age 13


We The KidsDear Mayor Buttigieg,

Thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to have us ask questions. I hope you had fun. It was fun for me! I think you are a very good mayor.

God Bless America,

Sincerely,  Shane


We The KidsSamuel (15) wanted to know,

“What are your views on gun control?”

Mayor Pete said, he believed that citizens should have the right to be able to own guns but he wanted to get the guns out of the hands of kids and criminals and people who otherwise do not know how to handle them.

Thank you Mayor Buttigieg,  Samuel


Mayor Brendan age 5 scaled 1


I forgot my question :)

Thank you Mayor Buttigieg

Brendan (age 5)


Matt Sikora/Office of Mayor Peter Buttigieg 10/26/ 2012

Please thank the students for their kind words about Mayor Pete and their experience here in the office.

Kind regards,







We The KidsMayor Pete Buttigieg is the chief executive of the City of South Bend. The city’s thirtysecond mayor, he was sworn into office on January 1, 2012. As mayor, Buttigieg supervises the enforcement of municipal codes and state laws, appoints and supervises department officers, and communicates with the Common Council on financial issues and policy affairs. He also serves as the representative for the city and its residents for special events and ceremonies.
Buttigieg is working to strengthen the local economy by retaining and attracting businesses, partner with the local public school system, manage a cutting-edge and transparent city administration, and provide safety and security by empowering neighborhoods throughout our community.

Buttigieg was born in South Bend and grew up in the North Shore Triangle neighborhood of the city. He was valedictorian of St. Joseph’s High School in 2000 and graduated from Harvard University in 2004. He worked for former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen in Washington, D.C. before he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford from 2005 to 2007.

After obtaining a degree from Oxford, Buttigieg worked for McKinsey & Company, a top consulting firm, where he was responsible for advising senior business and government leaders on major decisions related to economic development, energy policy, strategic business initiatives, and logistics. His work took him around the country and the world, including to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Buttigieg is also an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He lives in the same neighborhood where he grew up, where he is restoring a once-vacant home.


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