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What was your favorite subject in school? If it was history, you probably had a great teacher, one who didn’t focus on memorizing dates but on bringing past people and events to life. Unfortunately, today’s children are either learning America was nothing to brag about, or they aren’t learning much at all. Many don’t even know who won the Civil War. It is time to show young Americans how exciting and relevant history is. It is time to let them know God’s fingerprints are all over our nation’s past. It is time to inspire them with our ancestors’ stories of strength, courage, and faith so our young people can carry on the work of securing and maintaining our freedoms.


We The Kids

Dr. Rebecca Price Janney is a multi-published, multi-award-winning author of 25 books, a professional speaker, and a former professor with a passion for American History. Her latest project is the “History Mystery Tour,” an interactive program for elementary to middle school-aged students who are homeschooled or attending private schools, as well as various civic organizations and libraries. Children will find themselves riding with Paul Revere and flying across the Pacific with Amelia Earhart. They’ll eat the same foods and play the same games as Betsy Ross and George Washington, and they will discover stories from their family’s treasure chests of experiences.

You get to choose what History Mystery adventure is right for your group. For a full brochure and information about engaging Rebecca, go to her website, www.rebeccapricejanney.com or contact her directly at rebeccapricejanney@proton.me

We The Kids
 Bringing The Constitution and American history back to life for our children through our children.

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