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2610, 2022

History Mystery Tour Press Release

What was your favorite subject in school? If it was history, you probably had a great teacher, one who didn't focus on memorizing dates but on bringing past people and events to life. Unfortunately, today's children are either learning America was nothing to brag about, or they aren't learning much at all. Many don't even know who won the Civil War. It is time to show young Americans how exciting and relevant history is. It is time to let them know God's fingerprints are all over our nation's past. It is time to inspire them with our ancestors' stories of [...]

1906, 2022

The Founding Fathers’ Happy Father’s Day – by Marc Urbach

Published by Teacher and Author Marc UrbachJust a bunch of young to middle-aged, Christian men changed the world forever.  The Founding FathersHappy Father's Day!Why and how did they do this? What was their base, their foundation? I believe their strong belief in God, natural rights, and liberty enabled them to declare their independence from King George III. They not only inspired colonists to form militias and join the Continental Army, but they also inspired other peoples around the world. Thus the Founding Fathers changed history and the way people live. The Founding Fathers Matter!!For two thousand years of European history, people lived [...]

2307, 2021

New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star Spangled Banner…

New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star-Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It! (EMOTIONAL) "If it had not been for the United States during WWII saving New Zealand we would belong to Japan." New Zealand Dad!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDZVM7p7_Ac   Thank you from all of us! WE THE KIDS MOMS 

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