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New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star Spangled Banner…

New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star-Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It! (EMOTIONAL)

“If it had not been for the United States during WWII saving New Zealand we would belong to Japan.” New Zealand Dad!



Thank you from all of us!




1 thought on “New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star Spangled Banner…”

  1. Maj. Ronald L. Hudson, USAR (Retired)

    As a retired U. S. Army Officer, I want to thank you for your wonderful series! I am true a real fan! Your presentations are respectful and informative. Your children are very bright and as a Grandfather, I think they are great kids! I would like to mention your honest and respectful review of our National Anthem, many thanks.

    As a young man I fought in the Vietnam War. I observed your Soldiers as well as the Australian forces. You should know that the are considered first rate in their military skill and conduct. New Zealand has been a valued Allie of the United States and I am sure, will remain so. God bless you and your family.

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