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1710, 2023

Moms for Liberty Hosts Author Rebecca Price Janney in Nazareth

Reposted with permission from 69 News wfmztv NAZARETH, Pa. — "I try to find any type of events that are educational to bring him to," said Kirsten Antonioli. Antonioli home-schools her 9-year-old son, Josiah. She's been looking for ways to engage him in U.S. History. Once she heard that local author Rebecca Price Janney would be teaching kids about the Constitution at the Nazareth Memorial Library, she decided to bring him. "I thought that this was perfect to teach him about the United States and how the Constitution was formed," said Antonioli. "I learned all about what happened back then," said [...]

1406, 2022

Happy #FlagDay! Do you know the story behind the flag? By Daniel Sheridan

The Story of the First Stars and Stripes – By Daniel Sheridan#OTD, June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress authorized the “stars and stripes†flag for the new United States.On the right of the provided photo is the British Union Jack with the red cross of St. George and the Scottish white cross of St. Andrew. General George Washington used the flag on the left at Cambridge in January 1776. The flag in the middle, our “stars and stripes,†was adopted by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, when Americans exchanged the British Union for a Union of 13 States, [...]

2307, 2021

New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star Spangled Banner…

New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star-Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It! (EMOTIONAL) "If it had not been for the United States during WWII saving New Zealand we would belong to Japan." New Zealand Dad!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDZVM7p7_Ac   Thank you from all of us! WE THE KIDS MOMS 

307, 2015

WTK RADIO Show Friday 5-6 PM EST & Sunday 3:00 PM EST

Tune in to “We The Kids” history radio on www.cprworldwidemedia.net from 2-3pm pst/ 4-5pm cst/ 5-6pm est On today’s show: Posted by Kevin Fobbs, Cleveland Conservative Examiner   As America prepares to celebrate the nation’s independence one very special mom has spent years bringing comfort to the nation’s military through her Patriotic Pillow Project. According to We the Kids, Christina Finn, is known nationally for her famous handmade patriotic pillows. She has delivered a staggering 20,500 plus handmade pillows and attended over 400 veteran events. This Heartland Hero will be We the Kids’ special Independence Day show guest. Finn will [...]


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