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I was thrilled to meet Mr. Cain in person in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2012.  He is as authentic as they come.

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 Herman Cain on the Constitution

I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone in this country understand how precious our Constitution really is. Throughout all recorded history, powerful countries have risen, emperors and kings have clinched control, and yet the rights and freedoms of the many remained crushed. Never before in recorded history has a foundation been established for a government that would empower the people by broadly protecting individual rights, while at the same time restricting the powers of the government. For more than 200 years the United States of America has cast a powerful beacon of liberty across the entire world, representing a land of hope for those seeking a new opportunity and the escape from persecution. Our foundation, the Constitution, delicately protects the natural rights that make this all possible, but we must work to ensure this same guarantee for future generations.

Our Constitution and the individual liberties protected by it are currently under attack, although this assault is not from a standing army. Claims of social justice with redistribution of wealth as its goal, while disguised as a new economic freedom, have replaced the guns that used to threaten our republic. It is up to us, the current generation, to explain the true gift our Constitution affords every single person in this country. Our founding fathers put their lives in danger to establish a Constitution that protected these rights, and if we forget what our founding fathers did, we won’t know who we are.

I encourage everyone, people young and old, to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as I believe a true understanding of our country’s foundation is the greatest insurance for its survival. But, a true understanding of our founding documents is just the beginning! We cannot stop once we gain this understanding. Instead, we must make our voices heard, while we listen and keep up with the events in Washington, D.C. In order to do this, we the people must do three things: stay connected, stay informed and stay inspired.

First of all, staying connected to a political organization will ensure that you are informed of the government insanity, while at the same time inspiring you to stay involved! It’s that simple. So join a political organization or any other politically conscious group, just never give up on the idea that the power of this country is entrusted with the people, not the government, but it is up to the people to keep it that way.

I applaud websites like wethekids.us,  along with many others, as they are essential to creating a true understanding of our founding principles, and thus, essential to the survival of the United States. Through support, enthusiasm and dedication, We The People can provide the inspiration needed to protect the greatest country on Earth and keep the beacon of liberty shining for generations to come.

Herman Cain



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  1. Admin September 26, 2012 at 9:06 PM - Reply

    Dear Mr. Cain,

    Most Americans know very little about our own country. Surveys conducted by Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI.org) show that 71% of Americans would fail a basic quiz on American history.

    HistoryStrips are going to change this appalling statistic!
    Parents need to be better educated about our country and to teach their children at home about the principles upon which our country was established. HistoryStrips can help.

    HistoryStrips are beautifully illustrated, patriotic and 100% factually accurate timeline depictions of American history that can be displayed at home.
    Anyone who displays a HistoryStrip at home will become better educated about how we became a free country, about those who brought us our freedom and about the sacrifices that were made to defend our wonderful American way of life.

    Please visit our website to view The Revolutionary Era 1761-1812 timeline and please contact me at your earliest opportunity to discuss how HistoryStrips can be made available to your readers. HistoryStrips need to in people’s homes. This is my mission, to help educate Americans about our country. This is your mission too. Please contact me.
    Many thanks!

    Peter A. Robyn

  2. Admin September 26, 2012 at 9:08 PM - Reply

    Dear We The Kids,

    Thank you for the great work that you are doing to restore our Constitutional government!

    Please contact me at your earliest opportunity to discuss how wethekids can help me in my mission to help educate Americans about our country. WE work for the same mission.

    Many thanks in advance for your consideration on how we can work together to forward our cause.


    Peter A. Robyn

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