The Truth About American History with Colonel Eidsmoe

Col John Eidsmoe, Constitutional Attorney

Col John Eidsmoe, Constitutional Attorney The Foundation For Moral Laws

Dear Friends and Family,

I have a heart for kids and a serious concern about what they are being taught in schools. The reality of what they are being taught is very scary.
We have an exciting opportunity to help families if enough people support this project we could impact kid’s education in a positive way.

Will you please watch the short video and help if you’re able and Share, Share, Share!

God Bless America!

Judy Frazier, President
We The Kids us

Contribute to WE THE KIDS. Your gift is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution… “WTK’S Goal is to return GOD to America’s story!”

or send a check to

We The Kids

1109 Coleman St.,

South Bend, IN 46619

We The Kids

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Heroes camp TV show 2WTK-Heroes Camp interview with Coach Jaraan Cornell

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  1. Robert Legum November 1, 2019 at 10:50 AM - Reply

    First of all, understood! You are “Preaching to The Choir” for lack of a better way to put it. I’ve been aware of this issue for 20 years and most people don’t know it exists, don’t understand the Constitution and don’t CARE! The Now “Radical Left” has been engaging in History Revisionism for Years!
    I am 73 years old and struggling to survive working in retail for a pittance! Living in my Daughter’s Basement in a house I helped purchase ten years ago when I still had money! I thought my money would see me through retirement…IT DIDN’T!
    The market crash of 2008 almost wiped me out! Unfortunately I have no money to contribute. Liberals They hate Trump, Conservatism and are thoroughly Brain Washed & In Endocramented in Liberal Ideology! You can not change that! It began when they were in college and has grown expedentially ever since!
    Unless Conservatives, Republicans, ( forget the one’s in Congress), they are afraid of the “Main Stream Media” digging up the skeletons in their closet’s and are MOOT! Unless there is a Nation Wide United effort on the part of “So-called” Patriots ready to FIGHT, MARCH on D.C., Protest like the Left does, get up off theft Butts and ACT…I’m afraid it’s going to take a Civil War, Revolution, Ejecting the current Congress, both sides and VOTING IN OUR PEOPLE to clean house in Government and ESPECIALLY Academia…It’s Over! I’m here and I have posted and written till I’m “Blue In The Face” even on Dave Bray’s Fan Page…all I get are likes, comments and static from the Left and ANTIFA threatening to ill us all! I ranted & raved and no one DOES ANYTHING BUT TALK! Social Media & Technology are destroying America and playing right into George Soros, Hillary and Obama’s hands!
    All our Leaders including Trump KNOW about “The Deep State” & “The Shadow Government”! They know Hillary is guilty of TREASON…SO WHAT!! !!
    As long as this Media is in power we can’t get our message to the people and it may be to late! I’ve suggested a Million Man March on Washington to FIGHT THE LEFT! Call down Pelosi & The Democrats, SCREAM about the Issues! Again NO ONE DOES ANYTHING!
    Even if the Truth be proclaimed & put out their…The MAIN STREAM MEDIA will DENY it! Twist it! IGNORE IT! As Eldridge Cleaver once wrote in his seething book back in the 60’s Either “YOU ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION…OR YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! I rest my case! I Love Dave Bray , he is a good man, good friend and a Brother…BUT writing & singing songs about The Military, First Responders etc. iIS NOT GING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!
    Either WE Act or get off the stage! Thank you for Trying & GOOD LUCK!

  2. Dustin May 9, 2020 at 12:32 PM - Reply

    “Either WE Act or get off the stage”. Well said Robert. We need to each influence those people within our own circle of influence and educate them.

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