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Dear We the Kids! You should feel so proud that you are helping us all remember our true roots and heritage of America, keeping the patriotic spirit alive by understanding, learning about and sharing American History! You also are making history by what you are doing! In a time when so many seemed confused at their identity and what we stand for and the rights and privileges that are ours, you stand as a beckoning light to America! On this veterans day 11/11/17 I hope at 11:11 that each of you take a moment of silence and reflect too, on what our veterans have given for our freedom! So thankful for my freedoms and all who sacrificed and some who gave the ultimate sacrifice. God bless America! Much love and respect for what you all do! ❤ Lantern Lane (Wendy Nelson/ Lantern Lane Music)

A tribute to all of America’s Veterans & Fallen Heroes,  Written by Tamra Lynn Smith & Lantern Lane performed by Lantern Lane W. N. Nelson Arranged by Mark Stephenson, back ground vocals by Bambi Pinhey & Laura White see 2009 buy song on

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  1. Brian November 11, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Nice song, big thumbs up.

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