Nathan Zakheim: Holocaust Art Dealer Nathan Zakheim’s Family

Kevin FobbsWASHINGTON, October 30, 2017 – Noted, Holocaust Art Dealer Nathan Zakheim’s family has lived through the indescribable tragedy that many Americans can hardly imagine.  Zakheim, the Senior Conservator at Los Angeles. CA’s ARTpraisal is using the auction of millions of dollars of his father, Bernard Zakheim’s artwork to benefit the national “We the Kids” organization, according to Judy Lane, President of the organization.

Protecting the present and guaranteeing the future is a common theme that connects the benefactor art dealer to Lane’s organization. The joint venture exists to educate young people about preserving the patriotic principles and values of the founding fathers.

The Zakheim family and Holocaust Art

The Zakheim family suffered through the murderous actions of the Nazi’s which resulted in the loss of 300 of Nathan Zakheim’s relatives.

Imagine a future where these children who are growing up in a society where far too many educators in Germany and even in the United States are denying that the Holocaust even existed.  That type of denial of history can easily become a historical extinction that erases millions of people and results in another more permanent type of genocide.

That is one of the several reasons why the work of the art dealer’s father is important for art lovers and historians alike.

It is why “We the Kids” is the beneficiary of the art auction.

The organization seeks to preserve the nation’s history of patriotism and the richness of its Christian-Judeo values and principles that guided the nation’s founders. The monetary gift will help to ensure that Lane’s organization‘s children, teens, and young adult members continue to learn and share so that America’s past will be preserved.

The artwork is history’s change agent

As one examines the truly mesmerizing artwork and sculptured pieces of Bernard Zakheim, it is easy to see why Nathan takes such pride in the distinguished work of his late father, who died in 1985.

Not only was Bernard Zakheim a classically-trained fresco artist and sculptor, but his art study and training allowed him to “advance the status of the then considered temporary art form to that of Fine Art. His accomplishments created admirers worldwide, just as Nazi Germany began destroying the work of many noted Jewish artists.

Now, the Zakheim art collection auction will not only inspire a new generation of admirers but also become the fuel to ignite a new generation of young artists. ‘We the Kids’ members use radio, television, and journalism as their artform under the guidance of its President Lane.

Lane produces educational “living history” videos with local kids every other month at a local cable TV station. They are creating a regular radio show operated by its young reporters.  In addition, they write articles for American Christian Civil Rights Movement’s Ascension Magazine. Their focus is to return America to its patriotic values and respect for authentic and honest American history with loyalty to the nation’s founding documents.

In the next several months the Zakheim collection will be going up for auction so that its artwork will continue to bring enjoyment and a dash of American patriotism to the nation’s youngest generation.

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Nathan Zakheim Holocaust Artwork Auction to Benefit We The Kids

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