Home Of The Brave by Eric Dodge

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“I love that you use your site to educate children about our Constitution and share important history facts with kids.” Eric Dodge

This is Eric Dodge and Andy Dodge playing acoustic Home Of The Brave off of the new CD Home To Me. We are trying to get the attention of anyone out there to give me a shot and help us get our break in the music industry. This song was written by Amy Lacey, Alison Moulton, and Eric Dodge. Check out http://www.ericdodge.com for more info.

What the Fall and Rise of Colonial America Portends for Us, 239 Years Later
A tribute to all of America's Veterans & Fallen Heroes

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  1. Eric Dodge November 11, 2017 at 12:24 AM - Reply

    Thank you for your support. You are great.

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