WTK SPECIAL: “We The Kids Constitution Day Special!” CELEBRATE Constitution Day!  September 17, 1787 “What Is the Success Formula of the U.S. Constitution?”

(Chapter 9 page 107 of “Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution”)

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Historian Arch Hunter & Author Lydia Nuttall talk about Forgotten American Stories & The WTK Reporter Daniel and Christelle.


*What do we mean by “success formula”?  (What is a “formula”?)

*What did this “formula” make the U.S. Constitution successful at accomplishing?

*What IS the “success formula” of the U.S. Constitution?
1. Sovereignty of the People
2. Separation of Powers
3. Limited Powers of Government
4. Representation
5. A Moral and Religious People

*If we leave out any of these success formula elements, what could happen to our “United” States of America and our liberties?

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