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Walker pictureHappy Birthday America!!!

Posted on 02 July 2010 by admin

We celebrate with fireworks, ice cream, picnics, and games, but what does it all really mean. I use to think it was just about the bang of the fireworks, and how loud it echoed, but as I am older I realized it is still about the echo, but a different kind, an echo from the past.

When I lay my hand across my chest and say the “pledge of allegiance” or sing the “Star Spangled Banner” thats when I feel what the 4th of July is all about. Thoughts run through my head of that first fourth of July, the battle ground, the suffering, and the dying all for the the sake of Freedom. I proudly hold my head high not only as an American, but in honor of all those who fought for me on that day.

Today we find ourself yet in another war, but that does not lesson my pride. Americans are always there, when ever we are needed, not afraid to fight for what is right. So to all who can see this, or hear this, I am proud to be an American and proud for all those who are fighting today. We are a nation of mixed or mutts , as some people would say, but we stand as one. So, next time you lay your hand over your heart, remember who you are, and hold your head high, because you are an American!

Walker Zumbrun, 13

Walker’s sister Ashley Zumburn shipped out to Turkey this week.

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