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Catherine Written by Catherine S.

Age 12

Posted on May 2012

The White House Historical Association website is a terrific learning tool.  It contains facts, trivia, history, timelines, media, and a multitude of information about the White House, such as who lived in the White House when, and what was added to the White House.

I really enjoyed flipping through the contents of this website, and viewing virtual tours that made me feel as though I lived in the White House my whole life.  Its simplicity and learning value is remarkable.  Students who have an interest in art will enjoy the virtual tour in which a narrator describes the story of different paintings chosen to represent to White House visitors the best of the United States. Aimed at the general public, children and adults, the White     House Historical Association Website contains well-researched facts for its readers, such as the White House dimensions, the amenities and living comforts, and the technology and communications.

The history of the house in white is well described.  Viewers will gain knowledge on personal and political perspectives, different American eras organized by events, and videos describing the White House’s role on different happenings that shaped America.  The puzzle pieces of White House history make up this fantastic website.

We The Kids would like to thank  The White House Historical Association for  giving us permission to use the material and  photos from their website.

About The White House Historical Association

Welcome to the video channel of the White House Historical Association, where we showcase the history of America’s most famous house.

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