The White House by Jennifer Silate reviewed by WTK Kayleb

The White House by Jennifer Silate
Primary Sources American Symbols

Reviewed by Kayleb (8 ) comments in RED by David Wyatt, IN

The book THE WHITE HOUSE was intriguing. I never knew The White House was almost completely destroyed in 1812 by the British troops.

US Flag

The war of 1812 was one of our first real wars.  Did you know the flag only had 15 stars during that war?  These 2 new stars were for the states of Vermont and Kentucky.  And look 15 stripes too.The Northern and Southern states were very happy together in 1812.

It was then destroyed by fire in 1814. The White House was completed again in 1817. George Washington started the bids for the designs on the White House, but never resided in it. President Adams was the first to live there in November of 1800. Running water was added in 1833, and gas lights in 1848, before then candles and lanterns were used.

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Our ancestors had it hard in the early part of the 1800s.  There was no electricity.  If you wanted light you had to burn something.This meant the constant risk of fire.  Especially since everything was made of wood.


In 1833 the first telephone as installed with a phone number of (1). 

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I am sure you mean 1877 and not 1833.  Did you know there was a telegraph office in the white house before the phone?  If the white house had a phone in 1833, maybe we could have avoided the war between the states by talking more than shooting.



The Roosevelts added on to the White House doubling its size. In 1945 the White House had to be abandoned when a piano sank through the floor. The White House was closed down and the entire wooden frame was removed and replaced with steel. It reopened in 1952. Thomas Jefferson opened it to the public in 1805 deeming it The People’s house. Every President and First Lady have always tried to leave their mark in the White House. I was amazed at the White House bowling alley, basketball court and theater. The White House is like a city in a house. I enjoyed reading and learning about the White House, the symbol of America’s place in the world. I can’t imagine America without the White House.

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AMERICA is a Great Nation and all of us are proud to call it home.

 Great job Kayleb! Keep up the good work! Captain Wyatt








David R. Wyatt – IN, Re enactor

Captain First Arkansas Mounted Rifles,  Captain David Wyatt commands                                   The First Arkansas Mounted Rifles Company I  McCulloch’s Rangers.


Lt-David-Wyatt-3 Lt-David-Wyatt-and-Trooper-Adam-WilsonOsborn-Harris-with-J.R.-Wyatt-Josh-Harris-and-David-Wyatt

 Lt-David-Wyatt-2Private David Wyatt







For more information please read- The White House by Jennifer  Silate

Proof and corrected by Danita Godiva

Hi Kayleb, Thank you for sharing your report and allowing me to proof read it! Good luck in school this  year.. .Great Report!  “I have pirates in the family. A few! Between the Pirates, Captains Morgan and Avery, Cousin Martha Dandridge, Uncle Bartholemew, painter to King George, Daniel Morgan, America’s first Sharpshooter, I have an unusual family history”  Danita Godiva


Kayleb_eHe enjoys anything military, playing military roll, video games and swimming. He is in Boy Scouts and has recently taken up tap.  He loves to visit Old Battlefields, Museums, Indian historical sites. He recently visited Angel Mounds in Newburgh, IN.

Kayleb is interested in learning more about Civil War reenactment so Mr. Wyatt will help Kayleb find someone in his state to talk to.




Lessons Grade 4-8

Permission to repost by The White House Historical Association

Building the White House

The White House is the most recognized building in America. The basic form, shape, and use of the structure have remained the same since it was first constructed. Although many technological changes have occurred, and wings and porches have been added, the White House looks much as it did in November 1800 when President John Adams (1797-1801) first moved in. Because the building has kept its form and shape, the image of the President’s House has remained constant. The White House has come to symbolize the presidency and American leadership here in the United States and around the world. In 1790, Congress passed the Residence Act. This established a permanent national capital on the Potomac River. The federal government — the president, Congress, and the Supreme Court — was ordered to move in 1800 from its temporary home in Philadelphia to the city that would be named Washington.

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