THE BALD EAGLE – reviewed by Mataya & Annah

Billy w signatureThe Bald Eagle by Jennifer Silate

Primary Sources American Symbols

Reviewed by Mataya (11) and Annah (8 1/2)

The bald eagle is a very common animal.  The most famous bald eagle was Old Abe during the Civil War. Old Abe had a high pitched screech. He would screech when there was a battle. The legend says,  “After he died, people could still hear him screech very loud”!

In 1940 there was a law that you couldn’t own or kill a bald eagle. The farmers would put DDT in all type of stuff that lead to the rivers.  When the bald eagles would eat the fish and when they laid their eggs they would break easily before they could hatch.stars01In our opinion the book should be more about the bald eagles not about the bald eagle being a symbol. The book didn’t say how the DDT got into the rivers.  



I think it’s a really good book. It teaches you a lot about the bald eagle.  But, I don’t like that they almost became extinct.  It’s really cool that the bald eagle has been the National Symbol for more then 200 years. 



It’s a really good book.  It has a lot of information, but I don’t like that they told more information about symbolism then about the bald eagle.

Proofread by Lin Bennett, SC

This is very, very good! So proud of these girls! 
I am going to read the book and share it with my 
grandchildren too.
Looks like an opportunity to read another book 
and learn about eagles. 
Woo hoo!  
Thank you for letting me participate.  
Mrs. Lin Bennett

Lin Bennett - 1st Vice Chairman at South Carolina Republican Party

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