Is There a Lion In My Kitchen? Reviewed by Tyla & Annah

Is There a Lion in My Kitchen?  by Kevin Fobbs (Author), Kimberly Sponaugle (Illustrator)Billy The Eagle

David’s day may have started out ordinary but by the time it had ended he will have journeyed on an exciting adventure all right in his home! David was in the middle of his late morning playtime. Suddenly there was a mysterious sound coming from the kitchen. David wondered what it was. He went to see what it could be. To his amazement he could not believe his eyes! Is There a Lion in My Kitchen, he thought? Well we, like David, will just have to see; for David is about to meet a fun-loving delightfully rambunctious lion cub named Leon who creates a mountain of messes to help this young boy learn to be responsible. Wow! There are a lot of messes and a few lessons to learn! Join David as he tackles each mess and lesson with an understanding that every child will come to appreciate and love. Leon does everything in the spirit of fun as well as adventure. Loads of amusement and responsible play are all part of the escapades. Be prepared to share the antics of Leon the entertaining lion cub who pokes fun and eventually helps David learn life lessons about becoming a “big boy” and responsible young man.

Reviewed by Tyla (9) & Annah (10) our opinion the book is a 5 star book. We recommend this book to ages 3 to 10 year olds. It’s very impressive that Dawud told his Grandpa this story when he was two.


Annah_1Aiyannah – Annah (10), David is a young boy who loves to play with his toys. The problem is he never picks them up. One day he hears a roar in his kitchen. He puts on his bear mask and the adventure starts. David learns a very important lesson that day, it is important for all kids to learn. I think it’s a 5 star book because it teaches children to clean up when they are told to. It teaches children to try to be responsible and help around the house. I am impressed that Dawud told his Grandpa this story when he was little.  I also love the part where it says “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” This is a down right good book!! I really like this book.


Tyla_1Tyla  (9),  I think it’s a 5 star book. I think it is really good for kids to learn to pickup their toys when their parents say so. I would recommend this book to 3 to 10 year olds. It’s very impressive that Dawud told his Grandpa this story when he was two. I really liked this book too and we had fun reading it!

Proof read by Randy G, Roe – Chief Warrant Officer 2 Army Helicopter pilot 1967-70.     Good job girls! You discovered the lesson the book is teaching and figured out the mystery! Glad you enjoyed the book!

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 As a new Author, I must say I’m impressed!Poet-Smurf


Dawud                                                                                                               Author Dawud Jibri Crooms

About our Authors:

Kevin Fobbs, Journalist and Author  & Dawud Jibri Crooms, Jr Co-Author

Mr. Fobbs has been a professional journalist and writer since 1975. Dawud has a very vivid imagination for creating a variety of stories and great tales. He co-authored his first book Is There A Lion In My Kitchen at the age of two. Now seven he continues to work on many more stories to come. Mr. Fobbs works nationally with “WE THE KIDS” which helps children to understand American history, civics, love-of- country and how to shape America’s future!

Kevin Fobbs works nationally with “WE THE KIDS”

We The Kids – We look forward to more adventures from Dawud in the future!



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