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1912, 2015

WE THE KIDS remembering Reverend Evin L. Fobbs an American Hero

Published by journalist and author Kevin Fobbs: IN MEMORY OF MY LOVING BROTHER Biblical view of an American hero memorial. Evin L. Fobbs: There are heroes among us. For sixty-one years, I saw the living biblical embodiment of an American hero. He was my twin brother Rev. Evin L. Fobbs. For Reverend Fobbs, it was God’s Word that was set ablaze in his heart and stirred him to heroic Biblical action. Officer Fobbs, then a City of Detroit police officer, embodied many of the Biblical characteristics the vast majority of police officers show daily. When a tornado swept [...]

1409, 2014

Is There a Lion In My Kitchen? Reviewed by Tyla & Annah

Is There a Lion in My Kitchen?  by Kevin Fobbs (Author), Kimberly Sponaugle (Illustrator) David's day may have started out ordinary but by the time it had ended he will have journeyed on an exciting adventure all right in his home! David was in the middle of his late morning playtime. Suddenly there was a mysterious sound coming from the kitchen. David wondered what it was. He went to see what it could be. To his amazement he could not believe his eyes! Is There a Lion in My Kitchen, he thought? Well we, like David, will just have to [...]


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