Easter brings the hope of New Beginnings & Healing!

Posted by Ann M. Wolf  
Spencer-picture3Spencer Nave, Vietnam Veteran, is a contributing poet for the upcoming video, “Vietnam – The Healing.” He is also a member of Rolling Thunder, Inc., Chapter 4 TN. His segment by the way, is about THE WALL, very well done. 4/2/2015: Well, I am adding the link for the mini-doc, now that it is ready and thank you to all who are offering support and love to our Veterans and their families:

“Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” is every day; so thank to those who served in Nam as well as to all who have stood in harm’s way to defend & protect including our 1st-responders….. and since Easter brings the hope of New Beginnings & Healing, thought you might appreciate this short-doc on that very subject.

I also send my best wishes for all of you to have a great week of peace & restoration:

Greyson PeltierInvasion and Taxes With Greyson Peltier and Raymond Herrera
3db5088Travis Childs, Director of The History Museum

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