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“My favorite quote says it all: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams~”.

Amiena’s Bio

Amiena’s love for music and variations of styles developed at a young age.  Growing up in a home without television, Amiena spent most of her time listening to a wide variety of music. They all quickly became her favorites and would later foster her own soulful style of popular eclectic sounds.

Her first solo performance was at the tender age of five and she has not stopped. Since that time, she has pursued her evolving musical passion through vocal competitions, live performance, and humanitarian causes.

Like many young aspiring artists, Amiena questioned the practicality of music as a career. On the other end of the spectrum, she explored a career in Law. In the late 90’s, she continued to write songs and perform; however, she also pursued her practical ambitions in the legal world, and obtained her degree. It was an intelligent “back up” plan and a major accomplishment but her true love was still calling – music.

In 2000, Amiena was asked to submit a song for a TV show. Her song did not air but the experience prompted Amiena to explore the multimedia realm of producing music for TV & movies. Luckier the second time around, in November of 2006, “Never Know”  aired on the popular FOX TV show ‘Bones‘.

In 2006, her first album was released. Young love and dreams were all grown up and unfolding before the world. Her first album is a collection of thoughts and dreams captured in musical form that transcends different musical genres; it expresses deep connections with different people and places.

In November 2006, that musical connection was recognized to the fullest when Amiena walked away from the LA Music Awards with R&B Album of the Year and Nu-Jazz Vocalist of the Year for the song “Fourth Floor”.

It was a night of dreams realized but it was only the beginning for Amiena.

Since the release of ‘Right Here’, Amiena has been performing regularly in the Los Angeles area and abroad. Internationally, she has found herself in high demand performing in Italy, London, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Switzerland, Dubai, Prague and Bahrain.

In 2010 Amiena traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfur to sing, mingle with the locals, bring smiles, and hope to those who need it greatly. Amiena is actively involved in several charities, ADRP, Inc., being her most passionate cause now, raising money and awareness all around the world.

Fast forward to 2012 … “It’s been a long time coming…” – Amiena released her second project. A self-titled EP. This project combined the talent of her co-writer, Chris Mann (Season 2 on NBC’s “The Voice” aka the Opera Guy) and, multiple Juno award winning and Grammy nominated producer,  Adrian Bradford on three of the songs.

Amiena also teamed up for one song with former SonicFLOOd artist turned producer, Dwayne Larring and, the musical talent and arrangement of Kenneth Crouch to create ‘The Medley’ which, merges two of her all-time favorite songs, ‘The Nearness of You’ and, ‘When I Fall In Love.’

Amiena has just completed a holiday album with producer Jeff Cardoni.  What started out as “two or three songs” turned into more than she could imagine. Choosing to record some of the not-so traditional holiday songs such as “Zat You Santa Claus” and, “Don’t Be A Jerk, It’s Christmas”,  Amiena has taken a leap once again, and shows her creative, witty and eclectic side.

Presently, Amiena has teamed up again with her favourite producer, Adrian Bradford on a new CD release.

The love and respect Amiena has for the classics continue to influence her sound while the new sounds of pop and R&B round out her style creating the simplest way to describe her voice and overall talent – simply genuine!



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