Erica a Kid supporter 4 the 2nd Amendment !

Published by Erica KBN See Action News Reporter for WTK.Billy-Eagle-vector-image_31

The rain was coming down in periodic burst as I walked through the various stations at the annual 2015 Pheasant Forever Youth Hunt. The rain was not a deterrent throughout the day because I had the opportunity to load and shoot a black powder muzzle loader, participate in a shoot off using 22’s and tone up my archery skills, to name a few. The day continued to be entertaining as it was my turn to take down a pheasant. Piling onto a large wagon, we headed out to the fields. Upone arrival we were greated by seasoned hunters and their hunting dogs. After indtroductions we strolled down the rows of corn. the pheasants were in a variety of boxes along the path which the dogs quickly located. I readied my gun and waited of the bird to be released.  The pheasants large wings thumped the ground as it propelled into the air.  I quickly followed with my barrel and had it in my sighs for a moment before squeezing the trigger.  I had instant contact as the bird spiraled to the ground.  I was smiling as one of the dogs ran to retrieve it for me.  As I placed it into my vest, I thought about the day; although it was raining and cold, I had a wonderful experience! I greatly appreciated meeting like minded people who shared valuable gun safety, hunting, and shooting information that I too will be able to pass onto my younger brother and perhaps kids one day too! I want to bring attention to the reason I have this freedom: our 2nd amendment. It allows me, a youth, to have the most wonderful time of my life, only second to my 4-h Fair experience!


us-history-clipart-2Who is Erica:

My name is Erica Pearce. I’m 14 years old and live in Indiana. I have a younger brother whose eleven. I have a dog, horses, rabbits, poultry and hogs. I love working and training with the animals as does my brother.  We are both very active in the St. Joseph county 4-H fair.

Some of my projects are:
Horse and Pony, Rabbits, Poultry, Dog, and Swine. The 4-H leaders and kids have always been friendly and helpful making it a fun and an exciting environment to learn about my interests in a safe and sometimes, Christian atmosphere as we even pray before some of our meetings.

I’ve been in WTK for four years and am now very comfortable hosting their videos. I love public speaking and working with WTKs in the tapings at the television studio because at the same time, I get to learn the history of our country and as an added bonus, meet new friends.

WTKs is an educational program but it’s not boring to learn because I’m not sitting in an actual classroom!

GO WTK  ERICA! clipartb0252-20

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