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Sarina Williams is a candidate for Indiana’s 7th District State Representative in South Bend.

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As a constitutional conservative, Williams  declares, “It is time to establish strong leadership for our community.  In many ways, we are not represented well in Indianapolis. I aim to change that. Government overreach and unconstitutional mandates need to be reined in. It is time we return to what the people want from their government leaders.†Sarina Williams

WE THE KIDS TEENS Grace (18) IN and Kylie (18) IN and Asa (16) IN

The mission of We the Kids is to reach, educate and inspire America’s youth with patriotic and positive messages that encourage kids to learn American History and to become engaged in its government.

The goal of WTK is to bring the Constitution and American History to life for our children … through our children.

WE THE KIDS would like to extend a special thank you to: We wish to thank all the parents who allow their children to be part of We The Kids and all the kids who participated.

WTK History WE THE KIDS (WTK) would like to extend a
A Special Thank you to Mrs. Sarina Williams for allowing WTK Teens View to interview her.

Kylie Williams
Grace Tolley

We The Kids Teens wish Mrs. Williams the very best in May 2022 elections

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Thank you to our Film Director and Technical Advisors for editing the film, Phil Patnaude.
Special Thank you to Carole Pearce – WTK Producer and Director

Our goal is “To Return God to America’s story!”

Thank you for being the best part of We The Kids!

Judy Lane Frazier, President

Robert Walters, Vice President, CA

Bob Walters, (Award-Winning) “Education Broadcast”

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“Bringing The Constitution and American history back to life for our children through our children”

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Mary Johson 2 CopyMary Johnson was a free African woman!
Seward UndergroundStealing Freedom by Daniel Sheridan

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