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Posted by -Tara Vaughn Baldwin August 15th, 2014

On August 6th, 2011, our family awakened to the reality of tragedy that so many families have lived. My bigger-than-life brother, Aaron Carson Vaughn, was KIA. Those letters seemed insufficient to describe the fullness of their meaning. Nevertheless, it was true. As we muddled through the next few months of this new life without him, we had a strong desire to somehow add value to our great loss.

Aaron was a man’s man, but a child at heart. He always made everyone laugh and was constantly forcing us all to join in his child like shenanigans. We happily obliged. He was always up for an adventure and lived everyday to the fullest. His love of God, family and country was unparalleled. He truly had the heart of a warrior.

It is only fitting that to honor him, we give kids who have lost so much the opportunity to live like Aaron…if only for a short time.

In the initial months after Aaron’s death we became acutely aware of the love our community shared for not only Aaron, but all of those like him. Because of their support and partnership we are able to bring this dream to life.

In everything we do, we seek first to bring glory to our Lord Jesus, and secondly to honor Aaron and his legacy.

-Tara Vaughn Baldwin


Judy Lane, Founder of WE THE KIDS (WTK).

Aaron Carson Vaughn: Elite Navy SEAL Aaron was killed August 6, 2011 when a Chinook chopper carrying 30 American troops was shot down in Afghanistan. His sister Tara has camps for children that have lost a parent in Iraq. We The Kids and Sea Quest Kids (SQK), divisions of Advance America Foundation, have talked to Executive Director of Operation 300, Tara Vaughn Baldwin, and we have agreed that our division programs would be an excellent complement to Operation 300 events and activities. WTK will bring training in US History and civics.  SQK will bring its build-a-boat and related events and activities as well as training in boating and water safety for kids and families. We will also be helping to support Operation 300 financially by donating a portion of the proceeds from our sales of David Bowman’s book, “ What Would the Founding Fathers Think?”

Judy Lane



Complete Statement from Rick Green, Founder of ‘Patriot Academy’ & Host of ‘Wall Builders LIVE’

“David Bowman has accomplished something I’ve dreamed about for years. I’ve traveled around the nation for fifteen years teaching on the Founding Father and the Constitution. Almost without fail, someone after each presentation asks me what materials I recommend to teach kids about the Constitution. I’ve always responded with” well, there just is not much out there that I recommend”.

The reason I could not recommend anything is because everything I had read for kids was boring and never got across the most important points… until now! The book you are holding is EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to recommend to kids. I cannot remember being this excited about someone else’s publication ever in my life. ‘What Would the Founding Fathers Think?’ does more than meet a need in the market — it could play a pivotal role in literally saving our nation. If freedom is to survive, we mush teach the rising generation the basic principles that preserve liberty. Until now, it has only been the socialist leaning left in America that effectively used humor, artistic talent, and powerful communication skills to teach the youth their values.

Well, they have met their match in David Bowman. David’s book gives me hope for the future of our nation because he has found a way to speak the language of the youth and pass the torch of freedom to them in a way that they understand and that motivates them to action. I urge you to get his book into the hands of as many Americans, young and old, as you possibly can. When you finish reading it, pass it on to someone else and order a case of books that you can give away to the young people in your church or at the local school. In doing so, you will join us in passing the torch of freedom and preserving freedom for another generation!”

Rick Green Founder of ‘Patriot Academy’ Host of ‘Wall Builders live/w David Barton’.

What Would the Founding Father Think NEW COVER, front



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