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We The Kids Support the Rights and Safety of Jewish Students

Children Israel and American flag

Children Israel and American flag

Why this petition matters

Kevin Fobbs

Started by Kevin Fobbs

The tragic Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023, which claimed the lives of 1,400 innocent Israelis including children and babies, along with 31 Americans is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in protecting all of our citizens.

 We The Kids “Support the Rights and Safety of Jewish Students Sea to Shining Sea” campaign which is aimed at mobilizing millions of compassionate Americans to safeguard the Constitutional rights and freedom of Jewish students and families on campuses and in communities across our nation. It is crucial that we stand together to ensure that such atrocities or attacks on Jewish students do not repeat themselves.

We The Kids believe in fostering an environment where every student can study without fear for their safety or their rights being infringed upon due to their religious beliefs.

To Protect These Rights and Freedoms  We The Kids Encourage:

  • Organizations, public officials, school officials, and law enforcement to use all legal means to support and protect our American Jewish families, friends, and neighbors.
  • Americans of faith to send in letters of support, pass resolutions of support to all levels of government, including boards of education, city council, county commission, state legislatures, congressional representatives as well as to the White House.
  •  Each person to use all social media platforms available to circulate this petition and post it with a supportive statement, or brief video selfie to help  “Support the Rights and Safety of Jewish Students From Sea To Shining Sea” today – October 7, 2024.

By signing this petition, you are making a commitment to support efforts toward ensuring peace and security for Jewish students from sea to shining sea.

Please sign this petition today!

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Next Goal 98 people signed this week

Thanks to your support this petition has a chance at winning! We only need 206 more signatures to reach the next goal – can you help?

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