We The Kids launch Nov. 7 “Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students”

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We The Kids launch ‘Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students’ on November 7

By Kevin Fobbs

November 1, 2023

How will America’s children remember October 7, when over 1,400 innocent Israelis including children and babies and 31 Americans were brutally massacred? We The Kids believes that by enlisting millions of young American voices to acknowledge the second Jewish holocaust and support Jewish youth, the truth of the 2nd Holocaust will not be buried beneath the rubble of vile escalating Hamas hatred. We The Kids will use Nov.7 campaign launch to ignite love, and freedom voices in communities, K-12, and college campuses, homeschool groups and in communities with their “Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Studentsâ€. Nowhere are the attacks on Jewish people more prevalent than against Jewish students on college campuses and now spreading into countless American communities. This is why one major goal of We The Kids is to strengthen our bonds of faith and freedom efforts to build partnerships of young people, parents, and supporters to extinguish the firestorm of hate that had been ignited against Jewish people in America and around the world.

Judy Frazier, President of We the Kids, emphasized, “Our campaign of young people and families from all corners of America will accomplish two goals. First: strengthen, the Biblical bonds that Christians and the Jewish people have in America’s Judeo-Christian foundational roots. Second: Encourage countless voices of families, young people, leaders and faith and freedom organizations to share their brief short-video voices of support and sign on as supporters of our Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students campaign.

Frazier added, “America’s children and their parents are the best solution to fight the verbal anti-Jewish terrorism that is creating generational trauma for all children. Isaiah 11:6, says, ‘and a little child shall lead them.’ America’s children are one hundred percent of the nation’s future.â€

How impactful can their young voices be? While there have been dozens of pro-Hamas marches on college campuses with thousands of misinformed marchers participating, the nation has 15.4 million students enrolled in public high schools across the United States, and 1.5 million students enrolled in private high schools or similar institutions in the United States, according to Statista 2021 data. This means that literally millions of high school students and their parents can take a stand for Jewish students.

When homeschooled students take a stand to protect Jewish students that can represent an additional 5% of the U.S. school-age population, or more than 3.5 million students, based on National Home Education Research Institute data.

We The Kids is debuting the Nov. 7 “Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students†campaign on “The Answer San Diego’s The Andrea Kaye Show and Bob Walter’s (Award-Winning) “Education Broadcast” show. California has been the epicenter for many of the national anti-American anti-freedom causes and unrest. This has become ground zero for organized anarchy.

Can California kids and parents have a major impact? In California alone, according to the California Department of Education, the state has 5,852,544 public school students enrolled. There are an estimated 50 million students in public schools, nationwide. Just imagine the impact of just ten percent of those young people and parents using their voice and choice to support Jewish students!

Judeo-Christian parents and children of faith can take the essential first step to use their voice and make the choice to support our fellow Jewish family, friends, and neighbors by raising their voices and standing up and letting America and Israel know the nation of Judeo-Christian faith has not forgotten them in their hours of need.

How can you help?


  1. Encourage students, parents and supporters across California and the nation to send in 15 to 30-second comments on “Why I support Faith and Freedom and our Jewish American children, and families.
  2. Create and send in resolutions of support from schools, organizations, city councils, county and township councils.
  3. Develop a “Walk a Jewish Student to Class†campus safety program.
  4. Create resolutions of support for your places of worship and publish them social media sites.
  5. Encourage families to join WTK’s efforts to support mutual pulpit, parish, and synagogue education programs, local town halls in schools, home school groups, faith gatherings, pulpits, parishes, synagogues, and other education support projects.
  6. Sign the national We Do Have a Faith and Freedom Voice and Choice petition to support Jewish students and Jewish families and victim families and Hamas kidnapped victims.

We The Kids will use the power of the voices of faith and choice to fight against the growing mountain of hate and threats of terror being weaponized against children and families of the Jewish faith in America and in Israel. God has called 100 percent of America’s future for such a time as this.

For information on how to help or participate in We The Kids: Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students campaign write: wethekidsteam@gmail.com

For media information on We The Kids: Student Freedom Voices Walk-In For Jewish Students write: naacp2021canceled@gmail.com

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