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“Returning God
to America’s Story”

WTK S1:E17 “How Did Chief Massasoit Show KINDNESS?”

(Chapter 11 page 155 of “Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution”)

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Historian Arch Hunter & Author Lydia Nuttall talk about Forgotten American Stories & The WTK Liberty Player Kids, Daniel, Karsten,


*Who was Chief Massasoit?

*Why were he and his people, the Wampanoag, concerned about the Mayflower Pilgrims when they arrived in the waters of Cape Cod Bay the winter of 1620?

*What reasons did Chief Massasoit and his people have to hate, retaliate, and kill all the Mayflower Pilgrims?

*What did Chief Massasoit choose to do?  How did he teach his people to react?

*Regardless of their differences, what did Chief Massasoit and his people & Governor Carver and his people choose to do?

*How could “building on common ground” and showing KINDNESS to others benefit us in our day?

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