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1810, 2022

“What Are Rights?” Billy Eagle & The Col

Listen in as The Col explains to Billy Eagle "What Are Rights?". In this episode, The Col discusses "What Are Rights?" with Billy Eagle. Retired U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate, Chaplain with the Mississippi State Guard, Senior Counsel for the Foundation for Moral Law. John teaches Constitutional Law for the Oak Brook College of Law and Public Policy, has published sixteen books including Christianity & the Constitution and Historical & Theological Foundations of Law, and produced numerous audio and video presentations on the Constitution. His favorite is Billy eagle & The Colonel, Episode 1 “What are Rightsâ€. ntrols="controls"> Listen every [...]

1110, 2022

“Celebrate Columbus Day with Columbus Day Quiz Questions!” Part 1 & 2

WTK--S1 SPECIAL-CELEBRATE COLUMBUS DAY PART I--10-8-22 WTK--S2 SPECIAL - COLUMBUS PART II--10-15-22 Parents and Grandparents, we invite you to listen to the WTK Radio Show with your children and grandchildren!(Great for Family Night!)Join us… and let me know if you have any questions.    “Celebrate Columbus Day with Columbus Day Quiz Questions!â€â€¢ What is the difference between primary source documentation and secondary source documentation?* If someone was doing a report on you 100 years from now, which form of documentation would you prefer them to use?  Why?• Translated into English, what does the name "Christopher" ("Christo-Ferens") mean?  Therefore, Christopher believed [...]

504, 2016

Open letter to Whiskey Tango Kilo team (WTK) Fox news-kids

WTK Marc Urbach - journalist and author April 4, 2016 Dear members of Whiskey Tango Kilo team. Please follow this circular order from headquarters to a tee. This is NO Drill, the Union is falling!! I repeat again, the Union is falling!! We, at WTK could be the last Conservative beacon of hope left to preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to our posterity. Five Star General and Supreme Midwest Allied Commander, Judy Lane Frazier is launching a full frontal attack against every form of liberalism west of the Mississippi. Her proud and dedicated Two Star General and [...]


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