Open letter to Whiskey Tango Kilo team (WTK) Fox news-kids

WTK Marc Urbach – journalist and author April 4, 2016

Dear members of Whiskey Tango Kilo team. Please follow this circular order from headquarters to a tee.

This is NO Drill, the Union is falling!! I repeat again, the Union is falling!! We, at WTK could be the last Conservative beacon of hope left to preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to our posterity.

Five Star General and Supreme Midwest Allied Commander, Judy Lane Frazier is launching a full frontal attack against every form of liberalism west of the Mississippi. Her proud and dedicated Two Star General and rising star, Marc Alan Urbach is trying his best to repel the hoards from encroaching further into the south.

Her two staunch field commanders who will make Sgt. Majors very soon, Carl Barnette and Jesse Minton are preparing themselves for major battle in their respective spheres. Both of them having been working extremely well with Marc to produce an effective strategy to inform the masses about what should be done to reform our nation to Righteousness.

Lt. Colonel’s Kathy Barnette and Steve Minton have been there with us since day one and are preparing their young soldiers to do solid battle. They have done a remarkable job, laying a solid foundation for their young Patriots. Carl at 10 years old is smarter than the average 16 year old and Jesse at 12 years old is definitely smarter than most 22 year olds. Mazol Tov to both families for raising such fine young men who will lead this nation to greatness.

Not to forget, our Ambassador to the great republic, Steve Gronka is hard at work continuing to pick up sponsor after sponsor. As Steve said, “Driving from Delaware to Miami is no big deal.”

Conservatives, God fearing, God loving Patriots across this great land, put on your hats, tighten your belts and stand tall, the We The Kids Radio Talk Show is coming to a town near you!!

In Deo Speramus


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