REMEMBER FLAG DAY June 14th, 1954

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Saving One Nation Under God
Tricia Raymond, Author


June 14, 1954 was the day Democrat Lester Holtzman from New York introduced a Resolution for the House to open each day in Congress with the Pledge of Allegiance. “Our young men have fought and died on many fields to uphold the heritage of our flag, and at the moment we are engaged in a bitter fight against communism, both here and abroad. We must not, and will not, accept any foreign ideologies which would be contrary to the fundamental concepts of democracy, and which would dishonor our flag.” ~ Congressional Record, June 14, 1954

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  1. Admin June 26, 2012 at 6:36 AM - Reply

    Dear Kids,

    I am a grandpa and military veteran. Millions of service members fought and thousands died to protect the U.S. Constitution.
    The U.S. Constitution is powerful. The right to vote is so important. Unfortunately only about 50% of …Americans take the time to exercise this cherished right.
    You kids can be the generation to turn it around.
    Best to all of you. Have a great summer.
    Remember to eat the right foods and exercise daily.

    Your Friend

    Grandpa P.J. United States Air Force

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