Pastor Daniel Ulysses endorses Sea Quest Kids and WE THE KIDS

Note from Steve Gronka,
Pastor Daniel Ulysse is an American from Haiti as are his medical doctor wife and children all have served in our armed forces. They live in NYC.  He recently stepped down as Chaplain to the New York City Harbor Police.  His wife manages the neuropathy department of a hospital in NYC.
Pastor Daniel is officially on the Finance Committee of Trump 2020 re-election campaign.
We The KidsPastor Daniel has started two groups that are recognized by the RNC and a reception was recently held in support of Haiti at the National RNC Headquarters on Capital Hill.
Pastor Daniel put me on the board of directors of both organizations.  One group is the National Caribbean Republican Assembly.  Its purpose is to educate and motivate Americans of Caribbean and Latino descent to vote Republican.  Furthermore we are purposed with educating people in the Caribbean as to the importance of electing conservative Republicans to office and placed in appointed posts as well.
The second group is the  American Asian Caribbean Group, Inc.  We are purposed with fostering cooperation in business among businesses and individuals in these regions.
Our offices are at :  2421 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC
United States
We have booked the Trump Hotel in Washington DC for a major event and reception to debut the work of our organizations.
We The KidsPastor Daniel is also in full support of integrating Sea Quest Kids into our programs slated for implementation throughout the Caribbean.
Pastor Daniel also recognizes and endorses the work of We The Kids!
We The Kids and Sea Quest Kids (wtk&sqk) History Clubs and Boat building program.

Hello ,

From all of us at Advance America Foundation a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity Education Foundation!  Two of our Divisions are Sea Quest Kids and We The Kids.  We The Kids is about bringing the history of America, the Constitution and other founding documents and civics to life for kids!  This program is kids for the most part taking lead roles in the education process and also learning skills in journalism and television and film production. The program is based in South Bend Indiana and is going nationwide.  We The Kids History Clubs will be key to the establishment of the program.  We are also working toward weekly radio and television shows.  We also have the Kids Broadcasting Network and the KBN See Action News team.  Kids learn how to handle a microphone and do interviews as reporters and also how to shoot with professional high definition cameras and produce and edit shows! Check:
Sea Quest Kids is part of Advance America Foundation.  Youth today need: a grass roots, low cost or no cost, easy access, easy entry, uniform, standardized, national and international, program for ages five through college age and including all special needs to introduce young people to marine activities and the sport of boating. We cover power, sail, paddle, and rowing!!! If you agree or are intrigued read on!
It is our desire to see that the marine industry has a little league comparable program in order to develop new participants in marine activities.  In fact, before he died the founder of Optimist Sailing, Clark Mills told Charley Morgan (founder of Morgan Yachts) that Sea Quest Kids is exactly what he wanted the Optimist sailing class to be. Mercury Racing, Yanmar Diesel and Westerbeke are on board with us! We cover everything boating and include water activities in general!
Every successful sport industry has a little league or a little league comparable program.  The health and growth of any sport industry depends on the development of  new participants to create a strong foundation on which to grow.   The marine industry is the only major sport industry that does not have a little league comparable program. At least not until there was Sea Quest Kids Boating League.
Sea Quest Kids is international. Kids learn to: 1) build their own boats in two days or less (Sea Quest 100 ten foot scow-skiff);  1) boating and water safety; 2) basic values of teamwork, manual skills, problem solving, personal integrity, honesty, being a thinker and a doer, how to deal with contingencies, effectively communicate;  3) appreciate and conserve all of our natural resources; 4) be involved in motorsports, sailing, paddling, rowing and etc; and 5) learn how to be newscasters and produce television and video in the Kids Boating Network KBN Sea Action News and the Kids Broadcasting Network KBN See Action News.
The first project of KBN Sea Action News turned into the largest boating and water safety video education project ever done in the marine industry!
Check our web site at
Check our videos at 
Direct connection to our Facebook Cause for Sea Quest Kids
Sequence Boat Building Promo 2012.divx
Shows Sea Quest Kids building boats and paddle racing their boats. There are interviews of kids and parents. Featured race is Miss Geico Race Team driver Mar…
Sea Quest Kids Build-a-Boat promo – YouTube
This short video piece shows a quick overview of the Sea Quest Kids boat building experience. Shot in Keyport, New Jersey, at their former Festival of Sails…
We The Kids
3M Sponsor Wheeling 2014 Kids Declare Sony HD 1080p
Sea Quest Kids at the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta 2014 give a tribute shout out to 3M for supplying our 5200 sealant! Safety is a huge factor for Sea Q…
Sea Quest Kids Coke Promo at Hatteras Marlin Club
Sea Quest Kids at Hatteras Marlin Club Blue Marlin Release Tournament love Coca Cola and made a video to show it. Video was done on the spur of the moment wi…
You can also see Sea Quest Kids and KBN Sea Action News at the greatest social network site for motorsport: teams, racers, sponsors, suppliers, and enthusiasts.
God Bless You!
Steven Gronka, Fearless leader
Newark, Delaware (404 ) 434-0660
Advance America Foundation/Sea Quest Kids
Judy Frazier, President
South Bend, IN (574) 315-1547
Advance America Foundation/Sea Quest Kids & WE THE KIDS
Lewis and Clark 2019Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, & the Mountain Men
saving one nation militaryREMEMBER FLAG DAY June 14th, 1954

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