President Trump ‘We The Kids’ letter supports a return of God to America

Written by Kevin Fobbs Dec 24, 2020
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Please share this article about an awesome national-patriotic non-profit group that represents the very best of who we all aspire to be in working together with young people and law enforcement to protect, defend and preserve our traditional Judeo-Christian values and founding principles by teaching and actively involving youth and families in communities across America.

President Trump ‘We The Kids’ letter supports a return of God to America

written by Kevin Fobbs Dec 24, 2020

America’s future is built upon the grace and giving of countless Americans who like President Trump seek to protect the nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. Recently, President Trump sent a letter to ‘We The Kids’ (WTK) to support their exciting educational projects that work to return God to America. Through their weekly radio show, We the Kids is educating and inspiring America’s youth with patriotic and positive programs.

In a year of Pandemic turmoil and election chaos, the ‘We The Kids’ organization’s use of the Constitution in afterschool programs touched the President’s heart. America’s future is in the patriotic hands of our youth deserving the support of the President and Americans as well

The future of this nation depends on the Christian training of our youth.
President George Washington
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