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“Flag Folding Ceremony” The Meaning of each fold

Posted by Ann M. Wolf’s

“Flag Folding Ceremony” The Meaning of each fold:

DEDICATION: Dedicated to Honor Guards across America, as well as to all those who honor our Veterans, 1st-Responders & their families, this video expresses the purpose & meaning of each phase of the “Flag Folding Ceremony” as conducted at funerals, memorials, & special events. Ann M. Wolf narrates the traditional script with a few modifications for education & inspiration of “Lovers of Liberty” from around the world.

LOCAL HONORS: Special mention is given to Volunteer State Honor Guard for East,TN, as well as to other contributors of images, music & sponsorship, also from the East, TN area.

FLAG DAY INFORMATION: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_Day_(United_States)

FLAG FOLDING FACTS: http://www.annin.com/resources_flag_folding.asp

ANN WOLF MUSIC: For more about Ann Wolf Music & Narrations, please see other selections on Ann Wolf Music Video Wall: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruTSO4fDZR7-UgqTzylL0w/videos

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6 thoughts on ““Flag Folding Ceremony” The Meaning of each fold”

  1. Steve Isaacson AKA Veteran helper

    If there is anything I can do beside donate please let me know I work with veterans and their families everyday 24/7


  2. Sally Slaughter

    This is so meaningful, educational and very well presented. Thank you so much, We the Kids and Ann Wolf – God bless!

  3. Diana Woolley

    Thank you WTK’s and Ann Wolf for this reminder of what the folds in the flag folding mean. I had long forgotten this information. I remember learning this in elementary school. Thank you for the refresher course and for teaching our children this truly important information about our American Flag!!!

  4. Thank you for the information. I never knew it had a meaning, but I am glad to know the story behind it. Bothmy father and uncle had flags on their caskets but not military funerals. They both served in WWII.

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