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Bible was taken out of our schools in 1963

We The Kids – When the Bible was taken out of our schools in 1963 what religion replaced it?

For 172 years it was legal & constitutionally protected that the Bible was to be taught in American schools and it’s still law today. Every Christian in America needs to watch this video and share! Marc Alan Urbach is an Orthodox Jewish Constitutional expert and a Supreme Court expert. If your child is not in a school that allows the Bible and prayer your child/children are being taught in a State run secular school funded and controlled by the Federal government. Or a *State run atheists school funded and controlled by our Federal government*! That fact should make every Christ follower wake up! The following freedoms were also legal in our schools for over 170 years. Invocations and Benedictions, prayer at athletic events, and teacher-led prayer. Now they’re all illegal under the false pretense of “separation of church and state”, which Urbach proves is incorrect. Wake up Patriots and restore our religious freedoms!!!!


3 thoughts on “Bible was taken out of our schools in 1963”

  1. The Bible been replaced with ideas of hedonism, satanism, and corruption. Nothing ‘good’ has come from the school system since, except for creating mindless workers who live slaved lives never attaining salvation.

  2. I’m so glad the bible and prayer were removed from schools. Kids don’t need to be reading the pornography that’s in the bible and learning about selling their daughters off when they become of age.

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