Fire It Up: Lexington and Concord Monday Mission # 3

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Hey Moms, our biker/educator has a “P” word flaw in Lexington and Concord. If the “P” word bugs you please move on to the next great video but first check out the questions and answers below.


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HISTORY and the HIGHWAY with Stan Ellsworth

Fire It Up:  Lexington and Concord


Q:  How did King George III respond to the Colonists’ refusal to pay the tea tax and dumping all the tea into Boston Harbor?

A:  He was mad!  He had Parliament close the Port of Boston so that American ships were not allowed to leave America to export their goods to England or other countries.


Q:  What did the king do next?

A:  He had Parliament abolish (get rid of) the Massachusetts Assembly, the Colonists’ form of representative self-government in Massachusetts.  Instead of the Colonists choosing their governor, the king said he would choose the governor of Massachusetts from now on.


Q:  Then what did King George III do?

A:  He had Parliament send 25,000 British soldiers over to America and told the Colonists that they would let the soldiers live in their homes.


Q:  What was this “act†called?

A:  The Quartering Act


Q:  Who was the first governor the king appointed (chose) to govern the Colonists of Massachusetts?

A:  General Thomas Gage.


Q:  What did the king tell General Gage to do with his soldiers?

A:  To “pacify the countrysideâ€


Q:  What did “pacify the countryside†mean?

A:  To take away all the guns and gunpowder belonging to the Colonists’ militia


Q:  Who sent out riders throughout the countryside to warn the Colonists of General Gage’s intentions to take away their militia’s guns and gunpowder?

A:  The Sons of Liberty


Q:  Who were three of these riders?

A:  Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott


Q:  Who were the two men “the regulars†(British soldiers) wanted to arrest?

A:  They wanted to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock, leaders of the Sons of Liberty


Q:  What happened at Lexington on April 19, 1775?

A:  The “Shot Heard ‘Round the World†was heard – the start of the American Revolutionary War


Q:  What happened at Concord that same day?

A:  The Colonists’ militia cut off the British soldiers at the Old North Bridge and made them go back to Boston


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