Welcome Retired Sheriff Brad Rogers – To WTK Advisory Board

Brad Rogers is a 35-year veteran as a Peace Officer. He was the elected Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, from 2011-2018, ending with Indiana’s two-term limit. As Sheriff, Brad appeared on Fox and Friends and in an Anderson Cooper town hall, as a staunch defender of the second amendment and Constitutional government.  His role in interposing for citizens of his county from government overreach is as follows:

• Brad is nationally known for his role in defending an Amish milk farmer from federal government overreach.  

• Brad successfully intervened from an over-zealous local mayor would wanted to unilaterally disconnect residents’ city sewers from their homes.

• Brad successfully intervened with the local planning department intent on closing down a home prayer meeting.

Brad was Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) Interposer of the year in 2011.  Brad continues to speak to Sheriffs nation-wide on the role of a Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer.

In 2020, Brad won the election to defeat a 16-year incumbent for County Commissioner and started that office on January 1, 2021, after retiring from the Sheriff’s office.  Brad worked diligently to reverse the COVID mandate ordinances put in place prior to him becoming Commissioner.  

Brad is a 10-year Scoutmaster.  He and his wife, Susie have 3 adult children.

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