The First South Florida Holocaust Museum

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Endowing a “LEGACY OF REMEMBRANCE†for all our children and grandchildren so they will know and understand the meaning of NEVER AGAIN!

We The Kids

The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center (HDEC) has been devoted to documenting the memory of the Holocaust and educating today’s generation about the dangers of bigotry, hatred, and intolerance for the past 37 years.

The museum has been central in collecting over 2,500 oral histories of Survivors, Liberators, and Rescuers as well as artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide invaluable eyewitness accounts to the story of the Holocaust. The museum also features a unique combination of two iconic artifacts – a Railcar and an American Sherman Tank – of the type that liberated Dachau – that provide impactful moments of reflection for visitors.

As a leader of Florida’s Holocaust education statute, the HDEC hosts Student Awareness Days and programs that educate younger generations about the continued issues of hatred, bigotry and bullying. Students participate in writing contests as well as interact with the Survivor community in South Florida

SeaQuestAA-LOGO-A note from the desk of Steve Gronka, founder and fearless leader of Advance America

“Holocaust Documentary started!

Who would have thought? Last year, I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We The Kids and Sea Quest Kids, a division of Advance America, have been working on a series of articles and projects on the tragic Holocaust story with Nathan Zakheim, son of famed artist Bernard Zakheim.

I found that the apartment complex in which I live has a group of older folks who are holocaust survivors. Julius Eisenstein now 99 years old is a survivors and the National Spokesperson for the Holocaust for many years. I have been accompanying Mr. Eisenstein to different events and filming him for our documentary about the horrific story of the Jewish Holocaust.

These pictures were taken at the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center & Museum in Dania, Florida”




We The Kids

ReadersAmerican Minute McGuffey's Readers, 1907 "Foundations of our nation were laid by civilized men, by Christians ...
self watering milkweed bagWE THE KIDS MONARCH BUTTERFLY CLUB

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