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701, 2020

WTK S1:E7 “Slavery: Did Everyone Who Came to America Want to Come?”

Listen on YouTube: Historian Arch Hunter & Author Lydia Nuttall talk about Forgotten American Stories & The WTK Liberty Player Kids With Billy Eagle and Colonel John Eidsmoe! Questions: What about the men, women, and children who were captured in other countries brought to America, and sold as slaves and as indentured servants??? Was it a unique practice in the early history of America to enslave men, women, and children? What was the role of The Declaration of American Independence in America’s progression towards the eventual outlawing of slavery? Does slavery still exist today?

307, 2015

WTK RADIO Show Friday 5-6 PM EST & Sunday 3:00 PM EST

Tune in to “We The Kids” history radio on from 2-3pm pst/ 4-5pm cst/ 5-6pm est On today’s show: Posted by Kevin Fobbs, Cleveland Conservative Examiner   As America prepares to celebrate the nation’s independence one very special mom has spent years bringing comfort to the nation’s military through her Patriotic Pillow Project. According to We the Kids, Christina Finn, is known nationally for her famous handmade patriotic pillows. She has delivered a staggering 20,500 plus handmade pillows and attended over 400 veteran events. This Heartland Hero will be We the Kids’ special Independence Day show guest. Finn will [...]

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