Forgotten American Stories (Book Only)


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27 One-Page Stories; 12 Chapters; Quick and entertaining!

Emphasize Patriotism * Leadership * Responsibility and More!
(…and put back IN American history MUCH that has been forgotten over the years!)

Awesome Activities, Geography, Vocabulary, and “What Do YOU Think?” Questions, too!
“Read the Stories. Apply the Principles. Be a TRUE American.”

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Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution

• Teach Principles of Liberty using true stories from our Nation’s founding and Founders! ??

• Inspire gratitude for and an understanding of the importance of our U.S. Constitution! ?

• Easy-to-use & designed with families with little time and all ages in mind!

• Includes Geography & Vocabulary

• Promotes good character attributes such as:
Courage, Perseverance, Compassion, Bravery, Work, Integrity, Leadership, Gratitude, Responsibility and more!


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