LT. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin interview with WTK Tyler

General Boykin: “The Constitution is the cornerstone of America. It’ s our founding document. It gives us the liberties that we enjoy today and it is what defines us more than anything else.”

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KBN See Action News reporter Tyler (16) interviewed General Boykin on June 27th at Jensen Beach, Stuart, FL.
Hello General, this is Shona Darress. I have my grandson Tyler here to interview you, it shouldn’t take very long.

General Boykin: O.K., alright.

Shona: O.K. go ahead Tyler and speak, speak up.   OH BOY…GRANDMAS! Snoppy laughing

Tyler-pic-3-10-14Tyler:  Hello General Boykin thank you for letting me interview you.

My first question is where were you born and where did you grow up at?

General Boykin: I was born in eastern North Carolina and I grew up in eastern North Carolina ah, until I graduated from high school and I went to Virginia Tech.

Tyler: Alright, do you have a family and children?

LT. Gen. Boykin: I do, I have five children, I have six grandchildren and I have a
lovely wife, you saw her last night.

Tyler: I did indeed.  Shona Darress: Speak up.

Tyler: When did you join the service?

General Boykin: When did I join the service?

Tyler: Yes, Sir.

General Boykin: I joined the service in December of 1970.

Tyler: Alright. What does the Constitution mean to you and why is it important?

General Boykin: The Constitution is the cornerstone of America. It’s our founding
document. It gives us the liberties that we enjoy today and it is what defines us
more than anything else.

Tyler: What aspects of the Constitution are most relevant to the issues of

General Boykin: I am sorry, say that again please.

Tyler: What aspects of the Constitution are most relevant to the issues of today?


General Boykin: Well, every aspect of the Constitution is relevant to the issues that we are confronting today. There’s  a couple examples I will give you, one is the freedom of speech, the first amendment; the first amendment provides us freedom of religion, not freedom of worship but there are many who want us to believe that we have only freedom of worship. Secondly, is freedom of speech, today we ought to exercise our freedom of speech without being condemned and ridiculed for exercising that but there are a lot of people who will condemn us for exercising our first amendment rights. We also have in the second amendment the right to keep and bear arms, which is a very important Constitutional right. But, there are those who are trying to take that right away from us. The Fifth Amendment which is the right to be protected from having our property seized is being challenged. So those are all issues that are being challenged today but they are also being protected by our Constitution.

Tyler: Alright. Who is your favorite American hero?Agovbigenough

General Boykin: American hero?

Tyler: Yes, sir.

General Boykin: That’s a good question. Ah, well I think the

American that I probably admire the most was Thomas Jefferson.

Thumbs upTyler: What events in history most speak to you and does it have any impact
to your philosophy?

General Boykin: Yea, I think there are multiple events that have had a
tremendous impact on me. But I think, let me think about that for a
second. You know if we look at the historically, not events I have seen but historical events, I think that the signing of the Declaration of Independence was one of the
greatest acts of courage in the history of America, so I am motivated by the
courage that I see as I reflect on the history of that.

10/18/14 Edit and approved by Mrs. Kimberly Jernigan Tidwell, NC


Lt. General W.G. Boykin, USA (Ret). Served in Delta Force & as Commander U.S. Army Special Forces, Author, Speaker and Ordained Minister.

Lieutenant General W.G. Boykin, USA (Ret). Lt. Gen. Boykin was one of the elite warriors chosen in 1978 to make up the first unit in America’s ultra-secretive and clandestine Delta Force. He then became commander of the unit, and later still, commander of all U.S. Army Special Forces. His thirty-six years in the military included a tour at the Central Intelligence Agency and clandestine missions around the world. Jerry retired in 2007, serving his last four years as the deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence.

Today he is an Author, Speaker & Ordained Minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to become Warriors in God’s Kingdom. He speaks frequently on military, national security, terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism and Fundamentalists, and the Middle East. He has been featured on national radio and television including Fox News and Glenn Beck.

Jerry & wife Ashley, enjoy spending time with their 5 children and growing number of Grandchildren.

THANK YOU Lieutenant General Boykin!  Billy-Eagle-vector-image WOW,  WTK KIDS  

Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin

we-the-people imageGOOD JOB TYLER !



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