Company H & 8th Texas Cavalry

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May 24th, 2013

Dear Ma’am,

I am with Company H (Razorback Flying Artillery), 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry’s Texas Rangers)

I will tell you about an experience I had on the field of 150th Shiloh last spring. We were up before dawn feeding and watering our horses, as is our custom and in keeping with the schedule for the day. Off to the north we heard the long slow roll of drums indicating the federal infantry were on the move. A rider came up fast looking for our Commander. They talked briefly and he turned to our Bugler and directed he play Boots and Saddles. Most of us don’t know what the period bugle calls mean, but some of us do. The pace picked up immediately. Within a very few minutes we were saddled and getting into formation. Our mess sergeant (Ms. Trina) came along with hard boiled eggs, biscuits and bacon. She fed us on the run and I am sure it remains one of the most exciting experiences for her.

More Drums Beating. Bugles in the distance. I don’t know how to explain it. Words and Photos do not convey the sentiments.

“Prepare to Mount ………. MOUNT!”

We in the saddle and the Colonel is talking to us about Duty, Honor and Country.

I’m worried about the men. Off to the right I see movement. It’s the General’s Staff. I ride up and ask if they need anything from us. They say, NO, we’re marching through here in less than ten minutes. I ride throughout camp and clear the path.

The whole division marched through our campsite. Approximately 800 men.

I would ask that you compliment Ms. Trina and Nurse Dawn. They were very helpful to us all along the way. They are not able to go with us to Gettysburg. But we are hoping they will join us in Chickamagua this fall and/or Atlanta and Franklin next year. We are joined for the duration of the war.

I intend to serve with these people from 1860 (2010) through the end of the war 1865 (2015). Some people bounce around. I am not like that. I joined for the duration of the war.

It is very difficult. Many things can change over the course of five years. Many things change every year.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

Best regards,

Capt. John Burgher

Company H (Razorback Flying Artillery), 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry’s Texas Rangers)



Little John’s 150th Gettysburg Raffle

We are a small group of men and women who enjoy living history. We are amateur living historians specializing in civil war reenacting. Our specific impression is based upon Trans-Mississippi Theater Cavalry. 8th Texas Cavalry. Terry’s Texas Rangers. Even more specific is Company H, Razorback Flying Artillery.
We train together to represent the typical civil war horse drawn artillery. Our core group have all been doing this for several years. Every year we have new guys and gals who join us. We are always recruiting.

It is dangerous. Horses are inherently dangerous. Couple that with guns, cannons, swords, flags, men, wagons ….. and the other side has all those things too. It is a wonder more people don’t get hurt.

We are very safety conscious. Training is Key. BUT it is expensive. We can’t just jump up and do it. We have to practice.

This is why I am offering these two prints up for sale by raffle. I am trying to help my group pay for this one event. 150th Gettysburg. It is very expensive. We have to travel from all over. We can’t do this without help.

Please buy some raffle tickets from me. Please help me sell some raffle tickets. The money really does go to a good cause and if you win one of these framed,, signed, limited edition prints, with certificate of authenticity, you will be very happy.

Limited edition_02

                 Limited edition_01





Please click for more information  Capt. John Burgher’s Facebook Page

PHOTO history DVD jacket hWTK in HONOR of FLAG DAY ~ ANNIN FLAG MAKERS *1847*
IMG 8735 scaled 1Our family trip to the Abraham Lincoln Museum

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  1. Don Myers May 24, 2013 at 4:52 PM - Reply

    As I see it Judy; this is a unique group of American people who seem surely to love their country and it’s history; I have no problem with that; “We The Kids” are more of what we need now in America, an active Group of Americans that want to take back what we are as of now losing; our freedoms and our nation! I see these two efforts as of now, not equal in the end results; yours are vital to our present needs.

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