WE THE KIDS perform Red Skelton’s rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

hawaii-reciting-the-pledge-of-allegianceHawaii kids!

Group of homeschooled children at Lolani Palace Honolulu, Hawaii performed the Pledge of Allegiance.

Great job kids!


On 9/11 Memorial Tribute to FIRST Responders. San Diego City Hall. 9/7/16.

we-the-kids-in-san-diego-ca-9-7-16Joint COLOR GUARD SD Police / SD

Fire Rescue. The Patriot Flag II. WORLD MEMORIAL – The Star Spangled Banner Project with San Diego Homeland Security in conjunction with,

WE THE KIDS / Trail Life / American Heritage Girls / San Diego Girl Scouts. We The Kids is the only kid’s organization that has legal permission to use Mr. Skelton’s wording.

NOTE: from Heritage Christian School, San Diego, CA

we-the-kids-in-san-diego-ca-girl-scouts-and-trail-life-kids-9-7-16-aHi, Carole.

Well, we did it! And Mitch did a great job too! I filmed the pledge & opening of the big flag…………Thanks for letting us be part of it. The rest of the program was really nice too…there were tears! J

Take care.
Terri Barnett
Heritage Christian School

Screenshot 2019 05 17 WE THE KIDS 1WTK History lesson WWI American History with Mr. VanNorman
Brendan field trip 20161There are NOT three branches of government, but FIVE!! What?

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