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Little Patriot Press – Woodrow The White House Mouse

We The Kids ” Very cool book!”

WTK BOOK REVIEW by Annah 2nd grade We The Kids,  Annah is a co-owner,  she is very active in decision-making and loves being an owner.We The KidsIt made learning about the President and his job very interesting and fun. My favorite page is where the mouse falls off the chandelier and falls right into a Senator’s soup. It’s Brendan’s favorite page also.  I like finding the mice when they are playing hide and seek in The White House with Woodrow.“The red and green rooms are not close together but they are good places for children to hide in. When Woodrow is “it” he finds them all so fast – could it be he is peeking???”     (Annah’s paraphrase from the book)We The Kids

Annah gave Woodrow The White House Mouse thumbs up!                                                                

We The KidsLittle Patriot Press is geared toward kids in grades K-4. wtk4America encourages children to learn about American history and government. Little Patriot Press provides interactive, educational, and entertaining books.



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“ This was a great book for teaching the class about presidents during the month of February when that is the subject they are learning! â€The Holmesian TimeLady

“ I love the illustrations and the rhyme which makes it more enjoyable.
Daphne M Menning  

“ This is such a delightful and educating book, and I am sure they will be wanting to here it again! â€Maureen



kid owned kid approved

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  1. Randy Roe January 25, 2013 at 4:56 PM

    Annah, A very good job reviewing this book. This is a nice picture of you and your brother and sister. Keep up the good work. It’s good for you to tell other children about good books to read. Randy

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