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1110, 2022

“Celebrate Columbus Day with Columbus Day Quiz Questions!” Part 1 & 2

WTK--S1 SPECIAL-CELEBRATE COLUMBUS DAY PART I--10-8-22 WTK--S2 SPECIAL - COLUMBUS PART II--10-15-22 Parents and Grandparents, we invite you to listen to the WTK Radio Show with your children and grandchildren!(Great for Family Night!)Join us… and let me know if you have any questions.    “Celebrate Columbus Day with Columbus Day Quiz Questions!â€â€¢ What is the difference between primary source documentation and secondary source documentation?* If someone was doing a report on you 100 years from now, which form of documentation would you prefer them to use?  Why?• Translated into English, what does the name "Christopher" ("Christo-Ferens") mean?  Therefore, Christopher believed [...]

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