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GUESS WHAT KIDS!!!  WE THE KIDS EPISODE 3 WON AN AWARD FROM THE PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS (PAB) for 2020-2021!!!!   Blessings,   Susan Lock 1180 WFYL Philadelphia, PA www.1180wfyl.com

We The Kids Lesson 1 Liberty Requires Sacrifice

Lydia Nuttall and Arch Hunter discuss Lydia’s book “Forgotten American Stories” Celebrating America’s Constitution based on primary source material. The WTK radio show can be used for credit as part of the homeschool civics curriculum. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) acknowledges the program.

We The Kids Liberty Player Annah & Zae

Hello everyone,

Did you know that the WTK Radio Show is unique?

  • Stories for all ages, from 8 to 108
  • Short, educational lessons (with optional, purchasable guide), teaching freedom for kids and grownups
  • Documented stories and quotes from our early American history
  • Homeschoolers’ Civics Class credits available
  • Extracurricular activities for public schools
  • Streaming shows via WeTheKids.us  

Parents and Grandparents, we invite you to listen to the WTK Radio Show with your children and grandchildren!

(Great for Family Night!)

Join us… and let me know if you have any questions. 

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